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Australia Day Post -Top AUS Beer Trends

January 26, 2016



Discussion of Top AUS beer Trends on this Australia Day 2016

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Binge Drinking vs Moderate Drinking

November 9, 2015


binge drinking

Difference between moderate and binge drinking, effects on the body, liver and health

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Beer Bars & Bottles in Queensland

September 26, 2015


Beer Paddle Newstead Brewing

Review of QLD beer bars on beach & Beer holiday

Beach & Beer Getaway – Queensland

September 22, 2015


Where is Sunshine Coast

Beer Travel to Queensland to test, taste and explore beers

The Meeting – The Agreement – The New Life

September 21, 2015



The Meeting - The New Life is a discussion of being retrenched from work and starting a new life with greater happiness and life positivity

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