Starting a Blog… Journey Begins

Posted on December 18, 2009


One thing I have noticed is everyone I meet has a blog, but there are very few that I find interesting enough to read on a consistent basis. This is one of those that you will likely read and either like or not like, and to honest I don’t care. As a great wine maker once told me, “You like my Wine or not like my wine, I do not care”. This is ultimately the same principle with this blog as with the 4 million that are currently being updated as we speak.

The good element of a blog is the ability to update on a daily or weekly basis, where as a webpage is often outdated with information that is not current, and you end up having to email for more information or god forbid picking up the phone.

A Beer blog is not the end goal of my life, but neither is sitting in front of an error prone windows system that shuts down periodically or at will. Beer is my passion, that along with wine. At the current time I’m writing a book on beer and hoping to share this along the way so you can read interesting knowledge, and learn about beer in a different way than drinking the King of Beers, or beer from an Ice Cold truck driving through the Rockies.

The book I’m writing is on Beer, but Craft Beer specifically and I’m aiming to talk about the beer bars, the trends in craft beer, and the beer festivals. Beer Festivals are one of the most exciting events in life to discover beer and meet like minded people that want to learn about beer. Whether you like lighter lagers, or stronger ales, or stouts, the learning curve for beer is non-stop, as no two beers should be the same.

Beer is drink that everyone seems to know, but very few understand. Beer is only a few simple ingredients that are left to ferment, and over time you get an enjoyable alcoholic beverage. Which the end result is either a beer you like or not.

The Journey of Beer writing begins, online as it has taken my life to some pretty incredible beer bars, festivals and breweries. Now it’s time to share!