New Beer Stop.. Marquis Grill Vancouver

Posted on December 21, 2009


New Restaurant in the Hood with good beer. Well good if you like Belgian ales.. as I do and I’m a Delirium Tremens fan!

Then you’ll enjoy this new spot, with inexpensive food served in more taps style sizes and great beer. They are not going over the top with their beers, but just a few good Belgium mixed with some of the usual suspect taps.

It was quite funny as we sat at the bar to chat to the bar tender who ended being from the same area of Toronto that we lived, and we went to same beer bar. Though many may come to this article as a food review, it’s more about the beer.

It was my first time trying FRULI, and Leah mixed a Fruli with Guinness cocktail that seemed to work. Though I did question by the Guinness was on at a bar that has some great beer mixed with some average.. Granville Island Pale Ale was on tap instead of the great beer Jolly Abbot that is a current Belgian release. Isn’t GI Pale available anywhere? Where as the Jolly Abbot is a special release.

The beers were in the correct glasses, not that it matters too much to me, and the bar was very clean, seemingly it was only 2 weeks into the early life of this restaurant. The Beers on tap; Fruli, Stiegl, Erdinger Weisse, Guinness, Delirium Tremens, and De Konnick.. there were two local Granville Island regulars on tap. But accordingly they were not ordered that often.

The restaurant is worth a pop in visit for a few beers, and the quite cheap appetizers such as French Onion Soup, or the $10 burger. We’d definitely pop in again for the beers, but lets hope they get rid of the GI Pale Ale.

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