When is the time to Detox from Beer for a month?

Posted on November 4, 2010


In the two and half years living on the West Coast of Canada I gained 25 pounds or 10 kilos!  With access to some of the best beer in the world over the US border and constant beer travels, it was hard to resist a big IPA or Imperial Stout. Beer and boozing does catch up to you, and there needs to a Detox of some description as a wake up call at a certain point.

Last weekend was 3 weeks back in Sydney and beer and wine wasn’t exciting me anymore, I was drinking for the sake of drinking. Body was sore, and I don’t think my liver was functioning that well, so I decided on Halloween that I would have a month off booze in November.

I have a father who was in the wine industry for years and is now sober for nearly 2 years. I am not going to extremes like that nor do I want to be ‘100% sober’ but this month of not drinking is give my body a rest from the alcohol and toxins that exist and need to be broken down by the liver.

Yes the key here is the liver, as we get older there is higher chance that we can damage the liver with our excessives of food, and too much alcohol.  As a 36 year old I am still young enough to live a long time, and chances are our generation are going into the 80’s now, that is another 40-50 years we are going to be on this planet as drinkers.

Reason for Month of No Booze?

Not being the most active guy in the world, and sitting at computer screen for much of the time at work or pleasure I’m not getting exercise from work or play, but I’m drinking more than the next guy. Unfortunately every beer lover or beer blogger I know has health problems of some description, or basically they are a fat beer writer. The beers we drink are high in alcohol and calories, so unless your one of those lucky few high metabolism guys, your going to have health issues.

I was more bored by drinking. Feeling sluggish and reading up on the liver and processing I said there is no beer festivals, nor wine festivals in November so the time is now. As a beer drinker there was always a festival in Vancouver, Seattle or Portland to attend while in Canada.

In August/Sept I had a big trip to France, UK and the home of beer Belgium. That experience was amazing and that followed several big weekends in Vancouver and Portland prior to leaving North America. Now is the time to get my body back in shape.

How am I detoxing?

Pretty simple and pretty cheap to do. Drive to the green grocer and spend $50-100 on vegetables and fruits you enjoy. I have been juicing a lot of Grapefruits, Oranges, and drinking lots of water with lemon in it. I love celery and beets juiced with carrots and ginger, that is an amazingly sweet juice. Raw vegetables and lots of fruit is the key. Without doubt stopping fried food and food that is hard to digest such as meat and pork.

If you drink water through the day add some fresh lemon juice to it and its actually quite enjoyable and a great detoxifier.Instead of drinking several cups of coffee I have brought it down to 1 espresso or latte, or no coffee at all. But look you can’t cut out everything, so I have kept coffee in this week. It is up to you, herbal teas are great to try as well.

What are the effects?

It is day 5 and I can say the headaches come and go, and you get a furry tongue with the toxins being eliminated. Any skin conditions will play up, as your body is trying to eliminate toxins that you have added via alcohol. Toxins are stored in your fat cells and when your body is starving it will eat into your fat stores and release toxins. I have avoided using pain killers for headaches, and usually a lay down or short sleep is the best cure.

Best / Worst part of it so far?

To be honest I am not missing the alcohol, so that is probably the best part. I would have to say your whole body feels lighter and healthier by day 2 and the longer you are able to maintain the less you want the crap food that you normally snack on.

Worst part is definitely the headaches from toxins and your body readjusting to not having alcohol. You body is going to be all out of whack as it finds other sources of endorphins.

Will I make 1 month without a drink?

This is the only thing that I am not sure about, and although I want to take a month off, I have no idea whether I can last a whole month without any alcohol. So far I have not had the cravings, which is often a sign of other issues. So far I have been replacing beer or wine with store bought drinks that I enjoy and yes may be as many calories but have no alcohol. Though I am drinking lemon water in the evenings which I really have a taste for now.

IF you have any advice for people doing the same thing, or from your experiences feel free to comment.

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