Last Years Top Posts – Based on Clicks

Posted on January 6, 2011


1. US Craft Beer Trends in 2010

was the most clicked upon article. Think this was due to the fact of everyone wanting to know more and more information on Craft Beer, and there is only really one body that administers ‘official’ information which is the Brewers Association. Many trends can be viewed by reading different viewpoints, drinking in different bars, and speaking to people in the industry.

I would have to say I think Twitter has made a difference in communication between bars, breweries and consumers, and more so than Facebook. Though I think there is a tendency to over Twitter the audience, and many do not use twitter to good use, other than to have an account.

2. High Alcohol Beers & Double Standards

was the 2nd most clicked article in 2010.  This is a huge issue that is not going to go away. In Australia there is more shelf space for colored bottles with high alcohol spirits mixed with Coke & other carbonated beverages. Is this targeted at 30 something adults or 18 year old kids?   Some are Southern Comfort mixed with Coke in a can, and they make the big companies a lot of money. My views are they are kiddy drinks and I’m utterly opposed to marketing of drinks to underage drinkers. Not saying kids in their teens don’t already drink, but don’t fucking market colored drinks in clear bottles..

3. RAh the Best Beers in America,

Rahr a brewery in Texas won even though it had burnt down for most of the year. Again this goes back to the data involved in Survey results, and in statistics there is a scaling ability to ensure that a few votes doesn’t skew a survey like this. Nobody in the beer circle / industry took this seriously.. and nor did I but I wrote about it!

4. BeerWars – Bear Republic vs Central City Brewery

I think every Canadian who drinks Red Racer must have clicked on this article or referenced it. In the end it was Central City who could still sell their beer into the US and it wasn’t deemed confused with Red Rocket. Though I could see where Bear was coming from, a simple phone call and mediation should have sufficed.

5.  Canadian beer trends: Are Canadians drinking less?

this was based on statistics from the Bureau that stated the per capita drinking of mass beer is down, but imports and craft beer sales were higher. So the craft beer segment is growing as the mass produced Molsons, Labatts, Budweiser sales are dipping. As we say if we can convert one beer drinker to the Craft Side that is all we want to do to help the vibrant and growing craft beer market.

So in 2011 will write more articles on topics that are interesting..hopefully..