Pumped up for Craft Brewers Conference 2011

Posted on March 23, 2011


SO having written a POST that would not send or work on WordPress this has been sitting on my computer.. so I have now survived a 13 hour trip from Sydney to San Francisco all in the name of BEER. Immigration asked me ‘Purpose of the trip’ and I had to respond ‘To Drink Beer Sir’.. and he asked if I worked in the brewing industry ? which is a fair question and I responded with NO, but I consume enough for them to continue brewing craft beer..

SO have arrived in San Fran now, after getting up at 3am in Sydney on day of departure, and have already hit City Beer in San Fran earlier in the day, now in Hotel preparing for the night ahead!!

The main information on the event is on the Craft Brewers conference site, but the free events around San Fran are shown on this local blogger site Beer By Bart. Bart is the local transit system in San Fran, and the site is aimed at getting people to bars based on Subway stations or transit which is a great idea, as we don’t want to drive home after a night out at a great venue. The decision to head to San Fran on March 23rd came from a bar friend who advised me to try and make the CBC this year and with my return flight having to be picked for a date in the future i base everything on Beer related events.. so CBC it was. Have decided instead of attending the actual conference proceedings I would take the advice of several and attend the bars with events. Highlights for me will Include:


New Belgium Sour Beer Night – Have only had a few of the New Belgium Sour beers and didn’t really understand them when I had them so this would be my chance to have them with other beer nerds.. have enjoyed the sours in Belgium previously. – Deschutes – One of the top tier brewers in the US and have visited their brewery in Portland numerous times over the years and Black Butte XXI is one of my favorite beers. – Sierra Nevada & Russian River CBC Collaboration Beer Event – well what can you say.. who’d miss this one?

Drakes Brewing

– Limited Barrel aged offerings.. well i’m a sucker for Barrel Aged beer and especially imperial bourbon beers.. this will be on all week.

Monks Kettle

– Northeast Brewers night..  beers from the East Coast ‘Pretty Things’ and Cambridge Brewing’

Beer Revolution

– 47 taps are being given to local brewers who are based in or around the area. This is an interesting idea and will get many across the bridge to Oakland..

Rosamunde Sausage Grill, 2832 Mission Street

– The Bruery and Cigar City Collaboration Beer – I’m a huge fan of Bruery beers and Cigar City is one I can remember tasting in GABF but due to being in Florida their beers are not that accessible to most of the North American continent let alone AUSTRALIA.

These are some of the events that I am trying to get to, and like most of these beer related weeks it is the unexpected events that you end up going to. As I will still be dealing with Jet Lag this week I’m hoping to get to as many events as possible and then prepare for our trip on Saturday to Fort Bragg for North Coast Brewing..

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