Bierfestens Beer Trip – San Francisco Leg..

Posted on March 25, 2011


Spotting beer Nerds in San Fran right now is like finding Zebras at the zoo.. it doesn’t matter where you sit, stand or travel to in San Fran the CBC is going on and everyone is crowding bars and establishments that sell Craft Beer.

SO out of my 180 odd beer establishments that I want to hit in 3 weeks, I’m being more content on 60-80 that are higher in Quality than average.

Without doubt San Fran is home to some pretty incredible beer establishments and Toronado is seemingly the ‘head office’ of them all as its been selling great taps for 24 years. We had a great chat with Dave out the front of the bar on the 1st night of our trip. Upon entering the bar we ran into the St Augustines Vancouver boys who had a prime table, and the Bar Volo Toronto Boys rocked in a little while later. It was a bit like old friends meeting in a pub again, and what was even better was the element of industry people mixing with whoever is sitting around them.

The chat to Dr Bill from Stone was great, even gave us a c

igar while we spoke out the front Yeah who knows what was said at 1am outside Toros’ but who really cares when everyone is there to have fun. Well thought it was funny when we asked the owner Dave about the difference between San Fran v San Diego Toro’s and he honestly their Toilets are cleaner! And honestly everyone else can photograph the taps/ list/ but who could leave without an image of those Toilets.. ?

Yes we did get past Toros’ we hit CityBeer which is a small little store that has 6 taps and a great selection of beer. We had our first bottle of Pliny the Elder just hours after we landed from Australia. Our stop at Monks Kettle near 16th Ave Station has been a new favorite of ours. This place I think can compete on beer related space as Toros’ but is more restaurants than bar. Food is apparently really good as its always packed with Locals and I suppose beer nerds like myself.













Its not lunchtime and we’re off to Speakeasy this afternoon as well as 21st Amendment, and who knows what is after that? Though not inside the conference, I wouldn’t be particularly useful inside it either and most of the social gathering is occurring in the bars in San Fran anyway.