Bierfestens Journey Day 4.. Santa Rosa ####

Posted on March 26, 2011


Currently sitting in Bear Replubic Bar in California drinking a Hop Rye IPA.. We managed to get to Santa Rosa and hit Russian River Brewery and now we’re finishing the night at Bear Republic.

Yesterday was Day 3 of Drinking and we hit Thirsty Bear Brewpub which was kind of Average in terms of pubs.. and then we managed to head to 21st Amendment only a few blocks by.
Thirsty was pretty pretentious when they had a Cheese Beer Pairing and the waitress almost refused to exchange the suggestion beer with another one.. As the Chefs say it has to go with the cheese. You know what Chefs, some people may have different ideas to you about fucking Blue Cheese.

21st Amendment was a great experience and one where we ended up meeting a Brewer who told us about his Beer. The IPA and Imperial IPA is what your there for, but also the ambience of the bar. We had the Collaboration beer from Ninkasi in Eugene which was an English Style Ale. But the standout was the Imperial IPA.

Speakeasy Brewery had a special OPENING for the CBC 2011 conference and had an IPA Lager that was interesting but the venue was definitely the spot for the freshest DOUBLE Daddy of my Life.. The Double Daddy Imp IPA is my favorite beer.. so yeah the pilgramage was complete in San Fran.

We got out the hotel by midday and got the rental car to head North and we hit Russian River Briefly as we made our way North.

Yes a non-complete Drunken post from our trip, but we’re still Rolling up north.