Day Whatever – Stone – Lost Abbey – Churchills – Port Brewing

Posted on April 7, 2011


Without doubt we are both tired, but while at starbucks sobering up after an impromptu visit to Lost Abbey brewing that was fantastic. We’re both running on adrenalin now to drink as much great San Diego Beers as we can, but it’s a hard 3 week treck.
I spoke with Arthur Tomme at Lost Abbey who mentioned that 20 should be our limit on our 3 week trip, but I can say we’re now hitting the 30-40 mark with another week to go. We definitely love the passion for beer with guys and gals behind the bars in San Diego but we do not love the huge distances between bars here. Yes you have to have a car to get to these places and find hotels around industrial parks to actually enjoy much of this beer. But we will continue our journey and drink as much great fresh IPA as we can.