Day Whatever – Bierfesten California Adventure – Stone – Lost Abbey

Posted on April 8, 2011


So the California beer trip continues.. the only part I haven’t written about is my wonderful time in Petaluma at Lagunitas Brewing and hitting my favorite brewery up north in Washington Boundary Bay.. Now in Escondido whih by the way is 1 hour North of SD… which is not really San Diego.. as there is really nothing between the two places.. but i suppose better than calling yourself LA..  though sorry LA we haven’t spent time up there yet..

Without doubt the beers South of the California state are renowned for IPA’s and the hops.. we knew about Pizza Port, Lost Abbey and Stone before coming here and we’re now on a mission for the good beer of the West Coast.


Now that we’re in San Diego we have definitely loved the passion for beer that everyone has down here where as in Northern Cali everyone seemed like a student instead of actually there for the love and passion for the job.

San Diego everyone we have encountered seems to have worked for several years for the brewery or the bar which we find so fucking cool, as you love your job.. unlike our IT and Law careers we work to drink beer.. not work in industry to drink beer.

Stone brewing was the most disappointing of the breweries and yeah we love their beer, but come on guys you spent a million bucks on the gardens.. yes we loved meeting Dr Bill in San Fran but most of the beers on tap were non-Stone beers.  It seemed very pretentious and unfortunately un-enjoyable.

We landed at Lost Abbey after we tried Stone and we were met by the best kind of people in the old Stone Brewery. Though it wasn’t tasting hours we were invited into taste by the staff and had a great time. Though Arthur Tomme said we’d be lucky to hit 20 breweries in the time we’re in Cali.. i tell you what we have done more than we thought too.. thought not 185 we are going to hit some special places that are hard to hit.


The biggest part of this trip for me is seeing places first hand, and tasting their beers. Lost Abbey we were not expecting to taste, neither with Balast Point that we had yesterday and both were major winners for us. Stone only got the fail mark as we had Hight expectations and we came away with a disappointment in the fact that it was too ‘uppity’ and non great beers from Stone. They had a lot of other beers from other people.

Ballast Point Skulpin IPA is probably the beer of the trip thus far for both of us, in terms of freshness and the point that IPA has to be had fresh. We learnt why everyone has Pizza Restaurants around town, is because of the beer production provides the Yeast bi-product which can be used for Pizza or Bread.. thanks to Churchills bartender for that..

We have actually loved the bar staff in San Diego though the bars are spread out and you need a Rental Car, the staff are passionate about their beer. I know i love beer but have to work in IT to afford the beer,but these staff are sure the perfect people for it.



Had a Great night at Churchills after we had several beers at Stone Brewing.