Bierfestens 21 day California Beer Trip is now over..

Posted on April 16, 2011


What started in San Francisco on March 23rd ended this last Thursday in Los Angeles when the Qantas A380 flew my mate and I home to Sydney. In what can only be described a liver pounding tour of the best brewing state in the world.
We came away disappointed with some IDOL brands in beer and amazed at some of which that we’d never heard of. San Diego is definitely a friendly and community focused beer scene with some incredible IPA’s. North of San Fran is still a dominant region.
This week I’m back to work after 3.5 weeks off, and hopefully i can figure out what I actually do again.. or that my security pass will still let me in.

In the coming weeks I will write more on the trip and conclusionary findings on what can only be described as a dream trip for many. We hit about 50-60 or more bars, breweries and brewpubs. I’m tired, sore and my wife does not feel sorry for me.

My final tally of beers that hit Australia is 34 bottles of beer from Lost Abbey, Russian River, Alesmith, Ballast Point. Customs were more concerned about over the counter pills than charging me for beer.. so definitely a successful homecoming.

Thank you Cali.. I will be back again..