After 6 Months Back in Australia – Craft Beer Break..

Posted on June 23, 2011


It occurred to me recently that I haven’t been updating my crap blog with random beer adventures, especially since my last trip out of Aus to California. That 3 weeks went very quickly, but so has this last 6 months in Australia dealing with the very different beer scene in Sydney.

Major Differences between US & Australia?

The major difference is Australian beer is not up to the standard of basic American beer, and the beer scene is still relatively tiny in comparison to any mid-sized American city. In Sydney there are 2-3 bars that serve a decent craft beer, where in towns like Syracuse, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago there are 20 times that amount. I used to complain about Vancouver beer scene that has really grown up over the last 2 years. Australia is definitely a ‘restrictive’ tax law country that favours the big breweries. Now that Fosters is about to be bought by SABMiller or another large conglomerate it will derives that 95% of Australian Beer is owned by 2 Foreign companies. Not unlike other parts, but most bars carry beers from these breweries. Fuckall carry decent craft beer.

Break From Beer

Having moved back to a great Wine Country it has been quite a nice break from the beer kind to the grape kind. At the end of the day I was a wine Drinker first and Beer came to me later. The beer scene in Canada and the US is the most creative and fast in the world with festivals and beer dinners & events that allow beer-os to try new beers. It is great but very exhausting. I got into the festival scene early and helped develop my taste and palate. At the end of the day I have had all the great beers and I’m very glad I have, and I have certain views that some beers are over hyped, but like many do in the beer scene.

With so much Media on beer online from the major 2 websites, to news related sites, to beer bloggers, video bloggers, twitter beer-0s there is no shortage of beer related media now. I definitely enjoy reading blog entries on events and topics that stray from the ass-licking that needs ot occur in some magazines to sell them.

Is Beer Better than Wine ?

Look this issue is raised alot in the beer media to hype the types or styles of beer, but honestly the two are completely different. I definitely feel wine is a better match with food, but that is my opinion. I dont feel there is any need to pit one against the other, as Wine & Beer are both special in their own right. Since coming back to Australia I have seen an industry that is in trouble, Wine is overstocked and CHEAP, so getting back vintage wine is quite easy in local stores. Wine that is 5-6 years old is very attainable at local stores. They have done the aging for you.

Beer does not cellar is another major issue that I have faced since coming back to Australia. Beer is not something that should be put away like Wine. There is lots of hype about certain beers that should be put away for years. Honestly I can say that the beers I brought home from the US/Canada should have had earlier instead of sitting on them and allowing the hops to die. Yes beer fresh and from the source is my view. Barley Wines are likely the only ones where age can be applied, but not Imperial Stouts.

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