Are you a Fat Craft Beer Drinker ?

Posted on June 30, 2011


Lets face it many people involved in the beer scene whether brewers, drinkers, associates, legends, or whatever you call them the majority are FAT. Beer is a very fattening habit / hobby or what have you and we’re all aware of it, but think we’ll deal with the consequences later, well I’m 37 now and I can say that tests I took this week are definitely making me wake up again. Yes Doctor I’m overweight, I’m an alcoholic, and I love Chocolate and Meat Pies.

A few months back I was on a beer crawl around California with my fat beer drinking mate, and everywhere we went we ran into great beer drinking associates, friends, drunks and the consensus was they were all overweight. I know a few in our circles are anaerobic where they have a high metabolism, but look around your circle and ask how many are ‘suggested’ size/weight? As BeermenTV Todd calls some of the boys ‘Big Units’ and it is not far from the truth.

Today I read an interesting post from BillyBroas that I found on Twitter about Dieting and Beer that he discussed various fad diets that could be used to reduce carb/calorie consumption. Like many blogs Billy writes what he thinks and he’s not a nutritionist nor weightloss guru but someone like me, who write crap and if people read all the better if they post a comment that can sometimes be better than the blog post.

Doctors Blood Test Results

So yesterday I went to get my results from the doctor after a blood test for various medical reasons whereby in Australia is FREE, and like Homer Simpson ‘spare me the legal mumbo jumbo doctor’. High Cholesterol and Liver damage!  Liver I knew wasn’t good as I have been around Alcohol since I was 18, and into Wine for years and Craft Beer extensively for 5 years now, but damage?? really?? and what the fuck is Cholesterol ??

In short the more fat (overweight) I am the more blood doesn’t flow to my HEART (that thing that beats). So the higher the Cholesterol the more blood has to work to keep me alive…. I’m not aiming to live to 100, but maybe 70-80 would be nice. But there is no way I’m going to stop drinking, but maybe cutting back on the certain foods I love such as Cheese, Lattes, Chocolate and Meat Pies!

Beer v Wine Comparison

– 1 Bottle of Wine 750ml (12-15%)

– 1 Pint of Beer 650ml (7-12%)

I know since returning to Australia I have not been drinking near the beer I was in Canada & US as in a night I was drinking 2-3 beers a night, and even if that was small bottles it was likely 8-11% alcohol. In Australia I’m lucky to drink half a bottle of wine a night, and even on Weekends I’m likely only to have at most 1-1.5 bottles of wine in a night, so say 2 for arguments sake. We can definitely see we’re drinking more beer with almost as much alc% as wine. Nobody I know drinks low-carb beer, much like low-alcohol wine it never took off.

Craft Beer is a major joy for many in my circles but so many I know are overweight like I am, and we’re not going to change. But there is a time when we have to get woken up with some ‘Facts’ from a Medico that can tell us if we’re close to death. Yes liver is going to regenerate itself, but not when its severely damaged beyond repair. I met so many overweight beer drinkers on my trip, and it was the resounding issue that is facing us, HEALTH amongst young guys in this industry.

Currently my cholesterol is 6.7 (5 is good) and my goal now is to change my lifestyle choices such as food, exercise and some health food products such as liver/bowel stuff. Its awful to think about, but I know I want to attend many more beer festivals in the future and drink in Belgium again. Without a liver, or heart beating that won’t occur. Thankfully in Australia I have been able to have a break from high strength US beer for a period, but obviously its not enough for my body. Its time to lose some weight and change my habits.


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