Are you a Fat Craft Beer Drinker? The Beer Detox – Yes It Works

Posted on August 1, 2011


In 3 Weeks you can get your cholesterol & liver count down as it happened to me without too much effort. So yes you do have to stop drinking Beer & Wine for a large portion of the time, but not 100% as all you are basically trying to do is give your liver a rest.

The previous article on the Liver Detox has the details of the method of how I managed to do the detox without much effort.

The Numbers

Cholesterol – 6.7 – to 5.0

Liver Count: 65 – to 40 (normal)

Weight: 105kg(230lb) – to 100kg(220lb)

The best part of doing this over the last month is you definitely change who your whole outlook on food. Fried food is out for me, except yesterday when I had fried Calamari at a brewpub as it was in front of me. I now eat Tofu and lots more Fish & Chicken. I was eating lots of Lamb & Steak previously, now only once a week.

On the weekends I’m now drinking beer again, but during the week I’m only having 1-2 glasses of wine with my meal. Because I’m now drinking about 4-5 litres of water a day. My skin is much better, my exercise level has increased and yeah I would recommend this to any fat beer drinker. Look even if you have the anaerobic beer type, a healthy liver releases toxins.

*Remember I’m not a Doctor or Natropath, but a regular beer drinker that understands the health problems that beer & alcohol drinking can bring. *

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