The 25 Most Popular Beer Websites Globally

Posted on August 4, 2011


In the last Week I had come across the Alexa Website that provides rankings for websites via the visits and activity. Do not ask me how they do it? or the absolute accuracy of it, but like most things it can be used as a guide for providing insight into who is clicking on the particular websites and what is ‘popular’ with these sites.

I’m a fellow beer drinker and love reading beer related media whether that is Newspaper Columns, articles in or via Twitter from my beer tweeps. Sometimes though I find its the same repetitive information on ‘Craft Beer v Macro Beer’ and I enjoy the good articles via blogs/newspapers that can talk about both sides of the debate. I do not rate my beers, or discuss my visits to bars/breweries or festivals on any major site, though I do write about on this blog every no again.

I met Todd & Jason Alstrom in Bier Circus in Belgium and I had a really good night drinking with them and talking about beer related topics. I was honest with them that I only used their website for Beer related information and didn’t write about my experiences as I don’t care if a bartender is rude (well yeah I do actually) or if a Burger is overcooked & fries are cold. I’m there for the beer. My point was ‘whats next?’ for beer websites? as where will this evolve. Maybe some of this data may provide some insight into where people are clicking, spending time.

The TOP 25 Beer Websites – (May – Jul)

If you asked me prior to me finding this information I would have said 1 & 2 are Beer Advocate & RateBeer, but I wouldn’t know in which order though. Who would have guess Kirin is #3 ? not me. Beer in the evening I had never heard from as it is primarily accessed by UK visitors. These are Global Traffic rankings for traffic to these sites, not ‘Country Specific’. Amazing how there is no Belgium Beer website in this list?

Beer Ranking SiteName Website Traffic Rank
1 Beer Advocate 15,093
2 Ratebeer 28,748
3 Kirin 38,933
4 Beer in the Evening 35,675
5 Home Brew Forums 37,596
6 Murphy’s 51,732
7 Sapporo 52,050
8 McMenamins Breweries 117,465
9 Oktoberfest 87,714
10 Guinness 121,657
11 Krombacher Brauerei KG 159,347
12 Dogfish Head Craft Brewery 119,531
13 New Belgium Brewing Company 186,690
14 Stella Artois 213,832
15 Stone Brewing Company 181,648
16 BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse 181,637
17 SABMiller 201,061
18 Samuel Adams 167,465
19 239,881
20 BeerSmith Home Brewing 237,171
21 Campaign for Real Ale 266,534
22 Beer Mapping Project 202,767
23 Corona Extra 267,607
24 251,827
25 BrewPoll 291,956

How Long do users spend on Each Site ?

When I go onto Sydney Morning Herald or Globe and Mail in the mornings I tend to check ‘News Stories’, ‘Tech’, ‘Sports’ and Business stories, and I would guess 5-10 minutes is spent browsing. When I hit the Lifestyle Section and start reading Relationship advice from 20’s year old columnists I know I am just killing time. So once visitors get onto these sites, this is how many minutes they spend browsing the site, adding comments, or responding to messages (where relevant).

Note: Tasty Brew was the winner of Time on Site with users spending 14.3 Minutes per visit. Graph would have been ruined if I included the site.

Thoughts on this information: Though Beer Advocate is the most popular website globally, we can view that people spend more time on RateBeer at 6.5 minutes, and HomeBrew Forums at 5.3 minutes. Definitely one of the surprises is that viewers spend as much time on New Belgium website as they do Stella Artois (AB-Inbev). No  surprise for me is that the big brewers had very small time spent by users, as its often only for information only that we access their website, to read about a product or annual report. One of the stranger websites is that people spend up to 3 minutes on Mcmenamins Brewery in Portland Oregon, but that could be due to this brewery having several locations.

Unique Page Views

This information is quite interesting, as once on the website how many pages do users click on? The longer users are on your website the more they are going to click on further pages, unless they read articles/comments in the forums. Like my newspapers in the morning I will likely click on about 8-10 pages per newspaper.

Unique Page views are important for sites to understand what parts of the website that are useful or popular and what parts are not. Tasty Brew again won the unique page views for users, as well as time spent on the website.

Interesting to see that RateBeer having 7.8 pageviews against Beer Advocate 5.8.

Not sure how Corona had nearly 4 page views per user when the larger brewers only average between 2-3 pages. I’m guessing its all the crap Flash crap that they have on which pisses users off.

Highest Percentage of Users By Country

This part of the data looks at who view the website the most by respective countries. We can then view the highest usage sites in the US, UK, and even India. The next graph will show the second most viewed by countries.

This statistic is not really surprising for many as you would imagine that Brewpub Restaurants in specific countries would have more hits from that country. IN the US there are restaurants like Rock Bottom and BJ’s that have multiple locations, so someone in South Africa is less likely to view the site than an American. The 98% of Japanese viewing the Sapporo website was a surprise as I assumed it was be as accessed by non-Japan based drinkers.

Interesting to see the 3rd biggest site in the UK is Stella Artois that comes after the CAMRA website. Guinness after that is not really a surprise as that beer is sold in every UK pub.

Second Highest Percentage of Visitors By Country

Interesting to see the Germans are as into the Munich Beer Festen at 50% as they are a beer company. The German beer industry is much more segmented than others around the world. The highest market share of a brewery in Germany is around 12%, as opposed to the on average 50% market share that western countries have.

I was most surprised by the counties such as India, Pakistan, Spain, China, Bangladesh in terms of looking at Craft Beer pages. I do not know why that has occurred, or if there is a market there? Obviously in the growth areas for companies thats an interesting area of potential growth.

We often forget about countries outside our direct zone, and I had assumed Belgium would have come in somewhere on on the radar but maybe due to these sites being in English as opposed to French/Flemish.

Statistics Damn Statistic!

There is a lot more data/graphs that could be interpreted from this information and this is only touching the surface of the data. I learned about new websites that were not large brewery websites and understood that not everyone in the UK look at the 2 big name US websites, but they have their own beer repertoire that could be worth a look from the US beer community.

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