Beer & Wine Branding: AC/DC Wine Released in Australia

Posted on August 17, 2011


Wrote a post a year back talking about Craft Beer Marketing Names‘ and it was over the naming of beers that were starting to hit the market. My question was how long before this affects the naming of beers like it has the wine industry. There are many movie producers/golfers and actors with their names on wines in the North American Market. I was surprised Tiger Woods didn’t have a wine or whiskey released with this name, as Greg Norman has had his Limestone Coast Wine out for years.

This week I saw a Tweet from DanMurphys who are a liquor chain in Australia owned by the Woolworths Supermarkets that said AC/DC Wine was no for sale. I like Twitter for booze tweets and I clicked instantly, and you know what 2 days later I bought 2 bottles.  Who says Twitter doesn’t work?

The Wines

Shook Me All Night Long Moscato 5% $15.70

Now I’m a fan of Moscato in Summer I think this wine is definitely situated for the right market. Often we only know of Moscato from Italian producers with difficult to pronounce names.

Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Now I bought this for the simple reason that I was after a RED and saw it was 2008 so already 3 years old. No I’m not expecting too much from this as I know its marketing. But I will give credit where its due and if it means it sells some more wine in Australia then I’m all for helping the industry.

The Hells Bells Sauvignon Blank – NZ 2010

Though the Sauv Blanc is not Australian and AC/DC have nothing to do with New Zealand I suppose the Sauv Grapes from NZ are quite distinct and clear with certain market segments. I personally don’t like NZ Sauv Blanc and prefer Australian Sauv if I have to drink it. Though maybe Thunderstruck Sauv Blanc, or Mistress for Christmas.

The big wine in Australian bars is this grape variety and its definitely the one ordered in my household when we go to dinner. In Wine there is very little I choose not to drink, where I enjoy a glass of Champagne (& Australian Sparkling) but not much more. Sauv Blanc is definitely the biggest white in Aus around dinners/parties I’ve attended. Long beyond Cloudy Bay now.

Back in Black Shiraz 2010

Now this is my favorite Song, along with Who Made Who. This was the first wine that I was going to buy just for the name alone. I can remember seeing them play in the Vancouver Coliseum in 1991 when they dropped money from the roof and I kept that on my mantle for years. Though now as a married adult males, I no longer keep beer bottles and rock shirts in the living room. I am allowed to collect wine/beer but not random rock stuff.

I definitely feel this is a great marketing idea and it will sell wine no matter how silly some may see it. Branding in Wine has what got Australia to where it today, and now it will be the competitive beer industry that will look to follow wine with brands. Already we know the Macro industry sell ‘Brands’ and its not the beer. In beer we know a handful of brands that we see everywhere and many of us love the brands of ‘Arrogant Bastard’ ‘Ruination’ and ‘Loser Pale Ale’.

This post is not a review of these wines as that is not what I do. I give it 10/10 for Marketing and Priced in the mid-teens is a great move. This wine will not cellar I can tell you that now, and Warburn is a winery we have had before many times and Dan Murphys sells a lot of it.