Top 30 Beer Web Sites for August 2011

Posted on August 30, 2011


This month I decided to take a different approach and keep the data within the Spreadsheets, but broken down into more interesting subsections. We can attain from the  data that these websites are mainly English Language sites and the United States is the biggest user of most of these websites, with United Kingdom and funnily enough India & Pakistan taking a huge interest in English beer websites.

One thing that I find interesting is that though the big brewer website spend a lot of money on Marketing and Promotion it is the user generated websites that attain the most interest and users based on global rankings. Again this month I was surprised by new websites that I had never heard of, and now it provides another list for websites that users are clicking on.

Major Subsections for this Article

  • Top 30 Global Beer Websites
  • Top 30 US Beer Websites
  • Websites Based on Time Spent Browsing
  • Top 30 Non-Macro Website (Excluding Large Brewery Sites)

Top 30 Global Beer Websites

This information is based on the Google Analytics data. The global information is interesting to view from a larger perspective as there are non-American based websites such as those from Japan, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

Top 30 US Beer Websites

These are the sites that are the most popular in the United States. I removed the European/Asian beer websites to provide a glimpse of those that are most popular for American beer drinkers.

The Country Rank is based on the rank within the United States only for this list. There can be disparity between the Country Rank and the Alexa Global Rank.

Websites based on Time Spent Browsing?

This is an interesting statistic to see how long people spend on various beer websites. The Average time for the sites was 3.3 minutes = 3 minutes & 20seconds.

I excluded those websites that were under the average for the sites I took data from. We can hasten that most websites were around 2.2-3.3 with those in this list above the average. My guess would have been about 2-3 minutes per visit, and more for those with user generated pages such as forums, or question answer pages.


Top 30 Beer Websites –

Top 30 Beer Websites – Exclude Large Macros

Interested to see who is in the top 30 that are not large macro websites. Without the massive marketing budgets, there are beer websites, breweries and sites that are free to browse, search and spend time in forums. The 1st two beer websites is not a surprise but I’m sure others are to some people. Who would have thought that there are is as much popularity for the McMenamans brewpub website as Dogfish Head.

If you have any comments, or suggestions on types of data you would like to see suggest it in comments.

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