I’m Just a Beer Blogger – With Opinions

Posted on September 19, 2011



So why do I write a beer blog?  in part I think that the enjoyment I get from comments, and yeah its my own words I can talk or discuss anything. The last post on the top 30 Websites for August was one in particular that many found a lot of enjoyment out of, and its content for further discussion. Like the top 50 Beers or 100 Bars that other sites put out, we all read them with a grain of salt which is how I talk about beer.

Do Bloggers and Raters get too much say ? or is the the right mix of Brewers / Bloggers in how beers turn out. Of course living in Australia I drink any US beer that hits these shores now, as most beers in Australia are complete crap, or overpriced and expensive. I saw an Imperial Stout the other day for $59 in a bomber bottle.. Hmmm let me think about that for a second..

I think there are great times to share opinions with others and also to learn from others in the industry, whether they are writing a blog, newspaper article or they work in a bar. Beer bloggers play a part in helping the communication going between the end consumers and the brewers and larger marketing communities. I enjoy writing articles on topics that mainstream media do not follow or relate with. I do not care if people read or rate my blog, as I write for fun, not for a job. I couldn’t do this for work it would be too hard to come up with ideas for articles.

There are various ways to make money in this world and writing beer articles is not one them for me, but writing for fun and having people find my blog or articles via google or yahoo searches is pretty cool.