Twitter, Facebook or Google+ Which Social Platform?

Posted on September 28, 2011


By now if your reading this post you have found my post via Twitter, Facebook, Google Search, or even Google+(Plus). Now in Google when you search on a topic you can either choose news articles or blogs, which now provides a different source of information.

This post has been coming for the last week as I have now deleted my Facebook account which I think I have been thinking of doing for a long, but now I can as I have several other sources of Beer information at my disposable. I will provide a Pro-Con view of the major platforms that currently exist.

1. Facebook

The positives of Facebook are that we have a mixture of family & friends on here that not only share our interest in beer but can see updates on dinner pictures, your in-laws, or other baby pictures of yourself.  Facebook changed a generation of sharing like no other site ever has, but now like all technology the early-adopters have left and the laggards are there to play. Because parents and grandparents are on Facebook, the teenagers have all moved across to a site called which is where teens post pics from their phones in the bathroom mirror.

Facebook has reunited me with a number of old school/university friends and even some old colleagues from my many IT contracts. I have got out of Facebook what I have needed to, and now the curiosity factor is over. I find photos interesting, and I never click on links, so ultimately its turned into  a photo-share website or interesting news article site.

My biggest issue ultimately came down to privacy. As I enjoy beer and wine but I dont want to comment on pages on Facebook that are related with that as it turns up in Google Searches. I try and remain private with that side of my life, which isn’t something you can do on Facebook. So Yeah I opted out like many I speak to are thinking of.

2. Twitter

Though I was slow to get into TWEETing I am now a daily tweeter, though not hourly like some people. I follow beer related people that I find there 140 character tweets interesting or some Aussie Rugby players and Wine professionals. I found out about Wine events and Beer festivals via Twitter as someone has read somewhere on a site information and they share that with followers. THere is no need to feel like you have to tweet back, as many people follow you silently and you dont know each other, but you know what many of us like that. I will never meet you, but if you have an interesting BEER Tweet I want to follow you.

Twitters downside is that its an adjustment in ‘How To Tweet’ as there are good ways and bad ways. Pumping your product or business the whole time gets old very fast, where as if you have interesting comments or news that how to pick up tweeters. I’m still under 300 followers so mine must be ‘boring’.

3. Google+

Okay look this is only a new entrant into the Social Media game, but they have a massive platform for a good head start. They are not going to have to have a huge learning curve like a new ‘Facebook’ would. Google have Search Data, Facebook doesnt, Google have Maps, Documents, and massive sets of tools. Someone stated earlier that its likely ‘Google’ users who will switch sooner than a Hotmail or Yahoo account user.

The downside of G+ So far are that there are few users and it feels like most in the site are still shouting out loud in large parks to see who is there or who is listening. I like the idea that you can expand your networks of friends so its not just family and friends, but people of interest in a circle. So I have a group of ‘Close Family Friends’ who I can say things that don’t go outside that circle, where as my Beer Circle I can say beer related information.

My Twitter is Bierfesten

My Google+ Bierfesten 

My Facebook – Doesn’t Exist anymore..