Top US Craft Beer Websites -September 2011

Posted on October 6, 2011


So I have taken a different approach to listing the top US Craft Beer websites for September, by providing the cohort of either Forum based website with user interaction or site owned by a brewery. I have listed the Average Page views per unique user as well as the % of only single view users, and again the minutes spent on the site.

Average Page Views 4.6

So the Brewclub a website based in New Jersey had the highest 16 views per unique user, followed by Victory Brewing with 14 pages per user. This kind of ruined my idea that that the forum sites had the highest amount of page views, as it was one forum based and one brewer.

Average of users who only viewed 1st page 39.8

This category in craft beer websites is generally lower than the Macro Brewers due to the different content. The interesting point of the average here is that 40% users only check one page, but 60% dont and continue browsing.

Average Minutes Spent on the Website 4.6

Ratebeer at 12 minutes, Victory Brewing at 16 minutes and brewclub at 21 minutes were the clear leaders in this category that provides the amount of time that users are spending on average.  These time statistics are quite interesting as it would imply the longer time you spend on a site the more you would likely go back to that site again. It is definitely a user content that is providing this type of time spent.

   Site                                       Type             PageViews              SingleView    Minutes

1 Beer Advocate                               Forum               4                                    46                       3.5
2 Ratebeer                                          Forum              9.6                                 32                     11.7
3 Home Brew Forums                    Forum              5.2                                 50                      5.9
4 Dogfish Head Craft Brewery    Brewery           3.1                                 47                      2.6
5 McMenamins Breweries           Brewery           3.3                                  31                      3
6 New Belgium Brewing                Brewery           3.4                                  14                      2.6
7 BJ’s Restaurant & Brew             Brewery           3.6                                  29                      3.1
8 Samuel Adams                              Brewery           3.4                                  29                      2.3
9 Stone Brewing Company          Brewery           2.9                                  36                      2.5
10 BeerSmith Home   Brewing   Forum              2.3                                  53                      2.9
11 Craft Brewer                                Forum              2.1                                   52                      2.4
12 TheBrewingNetwork               Forum              4.2                                   54                      2.7
13 Northern Brewer                      Forum              5.8                                   41                       4.9
14 Sierra Nevada                            Brewery          2.8                                    43                      1.9
15 Beer Mapping Project             Forum             2.6                                    45                      2.1
16 Thebrewclub                              Forum              16                                     26                      21
17                            Forum              1.5                                    75                     1.3
18                         Forum              6.5                                    25                     5.2
19 Rock Bottom                              Brewery          2.6                                     30                     2.8
20 Gordon Biersch                         Brewery         3.3                                     28                     2.2
21 Victory Brewing                        Brewery          14                                      17                     16
22 BrooklynBrewery                     Brewery         3.3                                      39                    2.5
23 Beer100                                        Forum             1                                         73                    1.7

This month I decided to break up the lists instead of having one long page of charts or graphs. As this is a fun thing for me to do, it will continue to be a work in progress until I get it to look and feel somewhat professional. Though being the analyst that I am, it will likely never be good enough.

Why only 23 Craft Beer websites? well I take the take from the top 50 beer websites and I have used the method of using the US based sites that are non-macro based. I still view Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada as non-Macro, though I know some don’t in the craft beer fraternity. I think these lists show that it doesn’t matter how big you are, you can run the website from your bedroom and still get high hit and content rates, which I think is important to remember. I’m now aware of more beer websites that I ever knew existed before doing this Data Project, and hopefully this helps you as well look at other websites that seem interesting.

I will be doing other analysis with the data, but in a separate post. The full list of the September Top 30  includes macro breweries and changes in how they ranked from August. Hopefully before the Rugby Starts this weekend I can get some more data achieved.

Thanks to the positive feedback from last month and all comments welcome.