Craft Beer Marketing Names – Big Hurt @7% Frank Thomas

Posted on January 29, 2012


I remember watching him as an out of form Blue Jays injured slugger, where we paid too much to get too little, but thats sport. Now he has broken ranks and put out his own beer label. Big Hurt! When I wrote my previous article i was half joking about Jeter Beer, but maybe I should be so bland.. branding sells!

In the article he talks about promoting it in certain markets, so in real terms its not a ‘Craft Beer’ as such as much as Marketing.
“Can it truly be successful unless it’s also sold on White Sox home turf — U.S. Cellular Field — where Miller has long been the house beer?” is what the article asks, but I think its more of an issue of we next have the Justin Bieber ale, or Conseco Big Blast Spray?

It was only a matter of time and now that time has come. Beer released in distinct markets like Chicago, Las Vegas and big major cities can only happen with marketing money. In my visits to Chicago I went to steak houses owned by Chicago Bears Legends and I still think about those steaks. So beer from Chicago identities is only natural, when many stars out in the world have Vodka and Wines named after them.

There are two things that stand out about the beer, having not tried it as Sydney is a bit far from seedy bars of Chicago, is that its 7% which is standard for Craft Beer and that its in a Can. There are more breweries coming out with Cans this Year and with the right strategy it could be on SuperMarket shelves in baseball markets near you soon.