Beer Names – Sports Marketing RedHook ‘No Equal’ Lager

Posted on April 1, 2012


We haven’t seen a Derek Jeter Beer yet but we have seen a Frank Thomas Beer ‘Big Hurt’ released, and Gene Simmons from Kiss opening a Restaurant Bar in Los Angeles, even though he doesn’t drink.  Now we read that the Fans of Seattle Sounders get themselves a New Brew.  Sounders FC fan flavor highlighted this in an article that tickled my interest. If the New York Yankees, or Chicago Bears release a ‘limited’ edition beer for the season, would it sell ?

Everytime I was in Seattle it was not uncommon to find the supporters on busses heading into watch what they considered some of the best value entertainment in town. I was often in town to try and watch Ichiro and the Mariners, but they had given up that angle. They wanted a smaller stadium with packed fans all there for a fun family time.

It was the element that this was not a celebrity, or a Sounders beer, but developed for the fans of the soccer team. This definitely helps RedHook re-develop their local fanbase who may have been turned off after they are seen as a ‘Larger’ conglomerate brewer that are traded on the NASDAQ: under ‘BREW‘. I certainly hadn’t been drinking many of their beers when I was in Seattle, but this goes to show that larger breweries can listen or approach fans, or sports teams to ask about a limited edition beer. This happened as the local bar neear the Safeco field where the supporters group hung out.

But in a city that is not short on Beer or Brewers, they can help cement a level of sales through their supporter base, and even introduce new beer drinkers to craft beer, which is ultimately the aim of all brewers. When I was last at Safeco field I think I counted 20 Taps of beer at the stadium and it was the most impressive tap list for any stadium that I had ever seen. I remember going to Old Yankee stadium and having the choice of BUD or BUD Light.