TOP 30 Beer Websites – Year-To-Date 2012

Posted on April 5, 2012


SO for work I manage a large database for a massive Global Travel Company and I’m the guy that loves and cares about Data, even though the sales teams have no clue of what Data means, only when there is something wrong with their records. So this week I re-instigated my BEER WEB analysis of Time/TOP Positions and Minutes on websites.

Minutes on Beer Websites

One of the first areas I look at with data is how long  do people spend browsing and looking at content. Minutes on Websites.

This one is a curious one as I have to agree with the numbers here as people search for beer information from the larger websites, search a few pages and then basically ‘flock’ off to Porn or wheverer their attention span goes to next. It would be curious to see ‘next’ searches on some of these sites.

But there appears to be a lot more ‘HomeBrew’ type sites or brewing sites on here that people spend time on. I know my best mate who is now a homebrewer since he came to my bucks weekend in Portland spends his time homebrew sites to learn how to make an brew better beer. This makes sense for many beer loving people who live outside of beer metropolises such as California, Oregon, Washington.

This post I have done a mixture Visual and display as I know I find the rating numbers one interesting but some find these  charts easier to understand.

TOP 30 Beer Website Results

This list is the current quarterly results for the Alexa Rankings for 2012. So the surprise is that Rate Beer is now #3 in ratings for the year and Homebrew Forums is the #2 Website in the world.

Previously in my end year post we can see a complete change in positions on the leader board.

It is quite funny it was my initial post back in August that appears to get so many of the hits on the website, and also the September post.

1 Beer Advocate
2 Home Brew Forums
4 Kirin
5 Sapporo
6 Murphy’s
7 Beer in the Evening
8 Stella Artois
9 Guinness
10 McMenamins Breweries
11 Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
12 BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse
13 Krombacher Brauerei KG
14 SABMiller
15 Heineken International
16 Munich Oktoberfest
17 Samuel Adams
19 BeerSmith Home Brewing
20 How To Brew – The Book
22 Beer 100
23 Draft
24 The Brewing Network
25 Brew Your Own
26 Gordon Biersch Brewing Company
27 CraftBeer
28 Northern Brewer Homebrew
29 Tastybrew
30 Suntory

Website Search Engines

What information do people search for to come to websites? this is pretty important and we can see here some of the biggest

brand names in the world have the lowest scores. 

Beer in the Evening has a score of 45% of people find there website through Web Searches which is the highest of any beer website. Suntory Japan is #2 in the 44% range and then it drops down to 37% for Kirin. The average for most websites is in the 15-20% range.

This post I didn’t get my list in that showed the TOP Craft Beer sites with the Global Beer companies excluded. So maybe that deserves another post next week.

Please remember you are free to use my images/stats, as long as you give credit back to my website.. I dont make any money out of this its my analytical fun part of my life.