Budweiser Marketing 101 – SEXCess

Posted on April 11, 2012


How publicity is Bad Publicity verse Good.. so a complaint about an advert run by AB Inbev where a coach said to his team ‘

Gentlemen, you were conceived on a night like tonight,” the coach character said.

“Tonight, before going out for that ice cold Budweiser, put in that extra two minutes in front of the mirror. Because you never know who you’re going to meet.”

Is it that Bad Publicity can beat Good Publicity, read in this article about Budweiser claiming sexual prowess in an advert on TV. This story appeared on several sources from Grocer, and BeverageDaily.

For a company competing in the younger age demographic with younger drinkers its not a surprise they are aiming for the large college crowd in targeted adverts. It is not a new issue for Budweiser targeting college kids in Adverts we can see some examples here. AB Inbev defended the advert by saying “Brewer AB InBev defended the ad, saying it “drew upon the commonly attributed American values of optimism and free-spiritedness”.

Target marketing is about finding the niche markets and for Budweiser they have to promote themselves with Fast Cars, girls in type outfits, much like the Coors Twins that I seem to get so many hits from in my previous post on marketing in beer.

Beer is seemingly about marketing, labeling and imaging ? of course it is, why is the Silver Bullet not associated with a guns, but with a beer company. Many company will put out adverts that come close to drawing the line between Sex and Product .

We can even see in this Tooheys Dry Advert called ‘Nocturnal Migration‘ where its only showing 

Budweiser is the 44th largest Advertiser globally, which could see it as the  Coca Cola of Beer  and is concentrating on creating new markets for its brand globally, from China through to the Eastern Block countries in Europe. Not bad for a beer that started in a little town called Budvar in Czeech Republic. Its funny I am not a fan of the flavor of Budvar nor Budweiser. Budweiser has 44% of volume-sales outside of the US which is an amazing statistic.