Top Beer Search Terms

Posted on April 12, 2012


So what was the top search terms that found Bierfesten in the last 12 Months ? many won’t tell you but Iwill happily based on the data provided for me in analytics.

#1 Craft Beer Trends 31%

Was the Winner with variations based on Craft Beer and Trends involved in finding my blog. I do get a lot of visits from people looking at trends in beer, as often people want to know what is the next big thing, or what beers should they lookout for? and I have been analyzing beers for years, aside from drinking new beers and looking at all types of beers, though I don’t drink Macro beers I do read and analyze sales data from the company released results.
 Created this fancy chart to give readers and those interested in what the terms that I use to get people to read my blog posts on beer. Ultimately this blog is not a professional one, but one that I try and provide interesting excerpts into areas that I find interesting or controversial. I didn’t think think craft beer trends was such a big topic as it is, but generally people want to know more about certain topics or areas.

I’m fascinated in what could be the next thing, and obviously sometimes I can get it wrong, I definitely said back in 2010 that I think Facebook is DONE! I personally don’t use it anymore as I find it way to ‘Baby Picture’ and useless link articles for my tastes. I thought it was cool in 2008.

#2 Red Racer IPA

This is surprising to me, but funnily enough it comes from the series of articles on the lawsuit from Bear Republic v Central City  that started back in 2010 and concluded recently with Red Betty IPA being the solved solution to brand rip-offs. Its still amazing the comments on the articles and varied perception of others in the beer drinking community.

I personally went to Bear Republic in California last year and had a great time, where even the bar manager drove us back to our hotel, and I’m aware of Gary Lohen the Brewmaster in Central City in Vancouver. I first had the beer in Vancouver at Alibi Room and never looked back even buying 24 can packs of the beer all the time. I miss the 6.5% consistently great IPA in  Can. I have no idea where the beer rates now on beer websites but though in the US should make an effort to try one of the truly great single IPA’s in the North American market.

#3 Alcohol Advertising

It is quite funny I make jokes about people finding my blog due to searching for the ‘Coors Twins’ and that my friends is Advertising. My previous article discussed complaints against Budweiser for rude adverts, and I find it amusing for a company or industry that prides itself on ‘Womanizing’ beer for men. I have had issues with Beer targeted at kids for years as I don’t ‘Malt Liquor’ or beer @14% that is cheap and targeted for younger drinkers should be allowed. Yes when I get home tonight from work on this sunny Friday I am going to pop a 7% IPA and then maybe a 10% Stout, but I’m not going to drink a beer that has a word connotation to aims to amp me up to be a MULE or HEADKICKER.

I disagreed with much of the advertising back then as I do now. I dont like the idea of selling high alcoholic products to teenagers.

#4 Canadian Craft Beer

This I suppose is where I got my start with Beer, at a bars like Bar Volo, Alibi Room, Beer Bistro, and St Augustines, where they all serve Canadian Craft Beer without the macro taps. I enjoy writing about beer whether its good, bad or can be improved. We all have to have the bars we started in and its important to get to know the bartenders that serve you beer as they often know more than they will let on. Beer knowledge is often shared between locals at these types of bars and that was my education, through learning and listening to others. I made my opinions voiced and when not happy about selections I spoke with the owners who ended up becoming good mates. To this day I still run into Ralph and Tom from Volo when at Beer events, and also Anthony from Augies. Craft beer in Canada and especially the West Coast has taken off in the years since I moved there in 2008. So maybe some of my initial articles that caused the most controversies are less relevant today than back then.

#5 Bierfesten

So who is bierfesten? well its funny that this came up with 7% of searches. My name is Sol and I’m an approachable not-to-arrogant beer guy that grew up in Wine from age 18 but has always been curious about beer. I never profess to be an expert and have never one either. I find everyone in beer knows things that others dont but its still a young craft industry. I have enjoyed getting to know bar owners, brewers and people people in general. This is ultimately what I’m passionate about what I love talking about. I have been interviewed on Radio, and have had mates of mine constantly disagree with my views, which I love. Favorite cities to hang out for beer in are Seattle, San Fran, and Portland. These are often the highlights on my beer entries in my articles.

TOP 10 Search Terms %

craft beer trends 31%
red racer ipa 13%
alcohol advertising 11%
canadian craft beer 10%
bierfesten 7%
coors 7%
best canadian craft beer 5%
top beers in america 4%
craft beer names 3%
beer detox 3%
bud camp 2%
raspberry wheat beer 2%
best beer in america 2%