Ebay says – No More Beer Sales

Posted on August 2, 2012


On the train to work this morning I saw on Twitter through @beeradvocate that there was a good discussion Ebay shutting down the sale of beer on the site. It is often the associated comments in a story of board that is of interest. I have never bought beer online via ebay or traded beer, so this is an outsiders perspective on the topic.

Ebay is now one of the few companies like Amazon that started on an idea and is morphed into a global success story, but through changing the business model of selling your junk online to now retailers from China who sell us junk. Beer through Ebay I never really trusted in the sense of being able to cross borders (well Canadas). Now back in Australia I’m assured that the only way to get beer in is to state (“yeast sample”). I have bought a lot of books and even Dr HO’s through Ebay. Practical crap its good for.

This forum is where the discussion was posted. After a few comments you get the idea, some are for the idea of beer via Ebay, and others are saying ‘hey if you sell rare beer, your really not being in the spirit of beer sharing’. A range of comments I agree with and I thought it gave a balanced view. I personally have to agree with those that think selling beer at profit without a liquor license is wrong, but trading beer for others that you then share with your beer mate is okay. The fun of rare beer is not to hoard but share with your fellow beer guys, or your local pub.

But the other area is that yes, its rare, and you have to get your hands on it, but also you may also run into it in 1 or 2 years time. There will always be more beer in the US/Canada, and though I haven’t tried Pliny the Younger (YET), I will get to try one day, even if it means flying to San Fran in January/February when I know its going to be on tap at the brewery. But also its timing if you hang out at the right bars that regularly get the brewers main beers in, eventually you will find the ‘special’ beers on tap.

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