Trendy Craft Beer – Next Phase of Growth #TrendyCraft

Posted on August 10, 2012


Beer Terminology that I have kind of made up or developed with other beer-ophiles.. can be vague or descriptive. #TrendyCraft is one that occurred the other day.

Though I have to give credit to @LilixMunster a beer chick in LA who I have never met but like all things on twitter you can have completely cool but irrelevant exchanges. It started out by talking about #hipsters who drink craftbeer to look cool, not necessarily for the flavor, hops or enjoyment factor.

This now is the next stage of any era, I can’t remember when Wine Drinking became cool, as I got into late in my mid-20’s. But now #craftbeer is taking off to new heights that the industry has never experienced.

The GABF festival in Denver Colorado sold out in minutes this year instead of weeks as was the case in previous years. The first year I went in 2008, one of my beer associates noted it was too crowded back then when there were 27,000 attendees. This year I saw there are going to be 46,000 attendees over the 3 days of the event. Has the festival now attracted a new level of coolness, or have new beer drinkers been attracted to one of the greatest festivals in the world?

Craft beer is now hitting high end restaurants and bars that carry only bottled beer are now serving more local craft beer than imports which is great change for the beer industry, but then does it attract a new level of snobbery and coolness that wasn’t previously the case. I would always bring strange or unique beers nobody had ever heard of to dinner parties, everyone enjoyed the taste, but then went back to Coor Light or Heineken, or god damn fucking Corona with Lime. Sorry not into slagging out beers on here unless I’m wasted in some foreign hotel room pumping out a blog post at 2am obviously not getting laid.

The other areas that of concern with the Trendiness factor is beer snobs taking over like the Wine Snobs do. I run into beer snobs all the time, and I’m one myself, but I dont believe Beer is going to overtake the Wine world anytime soon, nor do I believe beer matches better with food, Sorry Garrett Oliver. Though the concession I will make is certain Belgian style beer do match well with food dishes, but so do wines. Trendiness and Snobbiness are not areas that I enjoy, I’m a pretty laid back guy, and I”m always pretty direct about my opinions but I would never be called Trendy..

Some people find the Trendy Part of Craft beer as something that they can show themselves as up with the cool kids. This can be shown when you walk into a bar and peoples are drinking Stella Artois thinking they are experts on beer. We all have to start somewhere with beer and this is not to say beginners who are onto the Gateway beers are wrong or bad, but its those that use craft beer as a trendiness or coolness factor.

Being one of the non-cool kids but defintiely one of the experienced beer guys who has done my bit of traveling and experienced many drunken night in some of the great beer bars in the world. I am pleased though the growth of Craft Beer is beginning to hit a wider audience than just me and my mates who are beer mules no matter where we to or from.

But I can add #trendycraft to the list of beer terms that I use. I know #renttaps is used quite widely to explain the reason why some craft beer bars have taps on that are less craft but more about ensuring locals will buy beers if the Craft Beers are too foreign. Those are the beers that pay the rent and wages of the brewery, not meaning the brewer gets paid for those taps.