Beer Blogs to Electronic Beer Books

Posted on September 22, 2012


As I sit here in a starbucks in Sydney writing on my new laptop, it is now time to start letting people know that I’m in the process of finally getting my book or books published. I have been using the Beer Blog ‘Bierfesten’ to sprout my views on trends, stats and random beer travels, but many times my best stuff is on random chapters in folders on my computer. Yes there will be some mini-books released in the coming months as I finally get my stuff into a presentable form.

What is going to happen to this ‘Crap Beer Blog’ as I like to call it?  well it will continue to be in the evolving state of beer articles appearing spasmodically but I’m not going to charge anything for it. I am though going to take some of my best or most popular posts and create a mini book out of them. The content is interesting to some, and now I’m sure my views have changed to what I was writing drunk and randomly in some hotel room after a beer festival.

So can anyone publish a book now? the answer to that is ‘YES’. If your also a blogger who occasionally hits my blog for some random reason, you can also create a book and publish it. My idea is to use this is a possible form of extra income. I do not think my work is any competition to a Pete Brown or Garrett Oliver, but I do think that I have interesting stories to tell, and my view on beer is more of we are all still learning.

There is room for many more beer authors like there are beer blogs. If your also a blogger that is wanting to publish feel free to leave any tips or questions you have and hopefully other beer bloggers or aspiring ‘Pete Browns’ will answer.

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