Top 10 Beer Blogs 2012

Posted on October 8, 2012


So its been awhile since i ran some random analysis. Yeah some of my stuff has been total crap, but others i have had some good feedback on and questions. Seeing as my blog is not making me a cent, I figure its worth looking at some of the beer blogs that rate highly on the Google Analytics/Alexa Rankings.I write a blog and so do many other great bloggers here is a list of the current top 10. A previous post I wrote on the importance of craft beer blogs is worth reading to..

No Surprise here with some of the top beer blogs.

1. All About Beer it is one of the authority websites on beer and I’m also a follower on Twitter. In the top 100 Beer Websites.

2. A Good Beer Blog this is written by Alan Mcloud, I have never met him but I exchanged a few emails with him in my early days of writing about beer. He is a Canadian who blogs from a town outside of Toronto and has great perspective on beer and insight. Also in the top 100 Beer Websites.

3. Brookston Beer Bulletin – A blog on random beer facts, also follow on Twitter and hear about beer related things on certain days. One of the larger beer blogs out there.

4. Women Enjoying Beer – So the girls are in the top 4 beer blogs in the world.. I certainly didn’t know that. Now you do to, women certainly drink beer. One thing I have learned in my days drinking is women have better noses for faults in beer, and overall better taste palates than I do. The women market for craft beer is definitely growing and its not all those sweet fluffy beers, I have learned girls love hops.

5. Drink with the Wench – A San Fran beer blogger who really was the first girl I saw blogging and I have enjoyed her points of view on beer related issues. She is dating one of my admired beeros Brewpublic who was formally in Portland but now hangs out with Wenchie at one of the great beer bars in the US Beer Revolution.

6. Blog About Beer – This is a new one to me, its a beer related site written by Ryan Van Brunt and he seems to have some very interesting articles he writes himself on it. Now I have a new blog and beero to checkout and follow on twitter.

7. The Brew Site – An Oregon based blog and beer information site. A great tasting set image on the front page.

8. The Brew Dudes – This site is run by 2 guys Mike and John that definitely look like they deserve a beer and need a beer. Its lots of various types of content. Another blog site for me to checkout as well.

9. Appellation Beer – The official site of Stan Hieronymous. I am not sure either? but great pictures and content for you to checkout.

10. 2 Beer Guys –  End of the day 2 Beer Guys is going to be more fun than 1 who will talk your ear off about beer.

For me I found analysing the top beer websites by category more interesting than by everyone together. This is what I will be doing from now on, and I will try and do it quarterly to see if there are any changes. These were the top blogs that existed for the July-Sep quarter for 2012. I do not have any allegiance to these sites and don’t accept free beer for reviews. If your willing to Beer Mule me from the US to Australia I’d be very grateful but know it won’t happen as your likely never coming here to swim in our shark infested waters.

The next article will be on the top craft breweries for 2012 for the last 3 months. I wanted to get this article out first. If you have any other sites you like going to but are not yet known about, share the blog, as I won’t blog any legit websites. I’m off in a few days for my trip to Hungary and Belgium for beer, which I will be updating on here view photos and drunken ramblings.

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