Top 18 Craft Brewery Websites Online 2012

Posted on October 9, 2012


In keeping up to date with some blog content, I released the top beer blogs the other day, and now this is analyzing the top breweries online. I excluded the larger production Macro Breweries from these rankings, so there is subjectivity in what you or I consider large.

There are not really many surprises here based on previous posts I have done on top beer websites that started over a year ago, and periodically some were interesting. These are fun rankings that will likely be historical enjoyment in 2 years time. We can likely view them in 5 years time where these will be dramatically different.

1. McMenamens Brewpub – A chain of brewpubs based in Oregon. I have visited their brewpubs a few times and I enjoy their beer, but its quite amazing they are Number 1 out of some of the list.

2. Dogfish Head Brewery – Sam Cal from Delaware is the 2nd most popular brewery in the world. Likely most beer folk have heard of him, but wouldn’t be able to spot Delaware on the map. Myself included.

3. BJ’s Restaurant – Another brewpub chain of restaurants that seem to be a growing trend in US brewery figures. These are a chain that brew their own beer at each different site. 125 Locations in the US (Texas/California) are the largest markets.

4. New Belgium Brewery– Colorado – I’m sure this brewery is getting slammed this week as its the GABF festival in Denver the next week. I haven’t been to their brewery but I definitely enjoy their specialty sour beers. Fat Tire is their biggest beer in the US though.

5. Sam Adams – Mass – This brewery is still craft in my mind due to their beers that help introduce new beer drinkers to the world of hops and flavor.

6. Stone Brewery – Cal – Stone are definitely An Arrogant Bastard when it comes to beers, and I probably would have guessed it being #1 based on my knowledge of how popular their beers are.

7. Brooklyn Brewery – NY – Our friends who brought us Brooklyn Choc Stout (My Fav) and East India Pale Ale. Garrett Oliver is one of the great promoters of beer in the US right now.

8. Sierra Nevada – The Original Craft Brewery that started back in 1976 or 77, back in California. Likely many beer drinkers first beers the Sierra Pale Ale.

9. Rogue Brewery – Oregon – Another Portland brewery with great beers. I find it amazing that the brewery has a bar at Portland Airport, so definitely a fun place to get hit with a layover.

10. Victory Brewery – Penn – Victory always show up on my results for most time spent on beer websites.

11. Rock Bottom Brewery – Another restaurant brewpub chain that make beers at each brewery site. I have often stopped into them for lunch when in Washington state where there are many. Also they have a range of beers on tasting at GABF from all over the US.

12. Harpoon Brewery – Mass – I have tasted their beers at festivals when on the east coast, but I am not that familiar with their range since it has been a years and 100’s of beers later.

13. Bell Brewery – Michigan – I have never been here but I have always wanted to go to Kalamazoo. They produce one of the top IPA’s in the world.

14. Lagunitas – Cal – If you like your beer poured into Mason Jars, this is the brewery stop you need to do. Situated in Petaluma California it is either on the way to Russian River ,or way home. I’m a big fan of this brewery.

15. Goose Island Brewery – Ill – recently ABINBEV bought a big slice of this pie, and will improve the capacity of the brewery to keep producing great beer. Huge fan of their Bourbon County Stout, but I’m sure who isn’t if you like the bourbon barrel aged beers.

16. Russian River Brewery – There really isn’t much more that needs to be explained or said ‘Pliny the Elder’!! though also Consecreation, Damnation and some of the best sours in the world.

17. Magic Hat Brewery – Vermont – Was lucky enough to visit Burlington Vermont a few years back and enjoyed their beers. There is even a beer imported to Australia. Though the travel hasn’t done it any justice.

18. Deschutes Brewery – Oregon – Another Portland brewer, though technically its from Bend. Huge fan of their beers and I wished the sold to Australia so I dont have to keep flying back to Portland.

There should be no major surprises with some of the list, but this gives you an idea who what people are clicking based on the analytics data that is freely available online. I didn’t put in the raw data scores, just the fancy graph that displays key results.

I will likely do this one again in January to see how the last quarter compared with this period.

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