Bierfesten Euro Beer Tour 2012 – Frankfurt

Posted on October 13, 2012


Sitting back in an airport in the UAE drinking a latte, and realising that this trip is real and I’m halfway to Europe. Day one is going to be pretty crap and tiring as I’m heading into Frankfurt at 7am after the 8 hours from Abu Dhabi, and then I have a 7 hour wait in Frankfurt.

I will get go into Frankfurt and head straight to a Sausage stand for some Curry Wurst and Frites, and then head out to a German Bar for a stein of whatever they are serving. Being quite Jetlagged most likely this will be more quenching thirst than analysing too hard what I should be doing. 

Saturday afternoon I then catch a 4pm flight to Hungary to have 5 days in a city I have never been to, this is probably my most excited for a place I’ve had in years. A spa town that is world renowned. Though I know many have said the beers are mixed there, I am going to try them with an open mind and get an understanding for what the local craft beer scene is.

This should be a journey that I’ll update daily but most likely every few days based on how much beer is consumed, and how readily the wifi access is.

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