Bierfesten Euro Beer Trip – Frankfurter Day 1

Posted on October 17, 2012


Getting into Frankfurt was like seeing an old friend that I had not seen in 12 years as I arrived back in Frankfurt in 2000 on the Euro Odyssey trip that we all do after Uni. I spent a year traveling around europe but always ended up back in Frankfurt for some strange reason. This time though my time was limited so priority one was getting myself a decent beer.

After finding a Starbucks which seem to have spread themselves out in Europe now the American & Canadian invasion is complete. It was here that I got myself free wifi and worked out my gameplan of attack for 7 hours.

As it turned out my photos have been corrupted and this is all I got from my great experience on Day 1. A visit to the Paulaner brewery Pub that was a great experience for really got a great beer city. Yes I know everyone said why dont you go to Munich? well because the plan was to go to Hungary for relaxing spa baths.

Though I am not a great fan of German beer most days of the week, I can say that I was very surprised by how hop bitterness the beers were. I think its the case of certain beers don’t travel and German beers are some in that category.

Yeah its a lame photo, but the next post will have more.

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