Bierfesten – Euro Beer Tour – Day 3 – Budapest

Posted on October 17, 2012


So I finally got into Hungary on Saturday night, and spent Sunday adjusting and slowly exploring a city that definitely closes on the weekend. They take their relaxation seriously as nothing was open on the weekend other than Touristique shops. Oh yeah and the Roman Spa baths that I came here for. Germany was not the point of the trip but I enjoyed my few hours there. I did end up having Currywurst by the way too, but photos didn’t turn out.

Without doubt there is a tendency on this trip to go for beer that I cannot normally find in Australia nor have ever had. Hitting up Hungary has surprised many beer nerd mate, and even myself, but its more an added extra if I do find

beer in this part of Europe. The trip to Europe has been about getting out of Australia and the recent personal situation I have found myself in. My 1st divorce, or maybe it should be my one and only divorce. It is never a pleasant situation for anyone going through personal crisis so a trip away like this is why I have done this. This will be a great book to write, after I publish my first of course.

Back to beer as you dont want to hear about my personal struggles nor what I think of women at the moment. So back to beer as it stands now. Its 3pm as I’m writing this drinking a very nice 12% Imperial Stout from a hungarian brewery. The bottle shop, is also a place where you can open the beers you purchase and the big beer drinking bloke tries to get the right glass for the beer. First beer was a Cherry beer, that was pretty basic summer drinking beer, would have worked well mixed in a Hef. The 2nd beer was a great imperial stout from a local hungarian brewer.

The first beer bar I went to was a great place called ShanzanClub and it was a small little non descript bar about 5 minutes walk from the main touristique drag. If you google it you will find it, and its a treasure in a pretty average beer city. Its like walking into a the back shed somewhere and finding a young bloke behind the counter with 5 pour yourself taps. This is the sort of place I would run if I was a bar owner, pour yourself and be honest by putting your own money in the jar. The beers were above average and the sour cherry lambic style beer was my personal favorite.

So the first place that is a beer store/ sit down place is Its Good Beer, that I found t

hrough Ratebeer and is literally only 3 blocks from my hotel. This is a place with a great selection of Belgium beer and local hungarian beers. They have 4 taps with 2 Brewdog, 1 Flying Dog, and 1 czech beer. I chose to go for bottles.

The reason to come to budapest are many, but definitely the Thermal spas are the reason anyone and everyone should. After the flight to Germany, it cost me $90 to fly to Hungary

and its about $10/visit to these spas that are quite amazing in nature, and i’m sure therapedic. Due to the minerals in the water its very dense and you seem to almost flow due to boyency.Yeah I can’t spell either incase you care. I updated with a post on the Spa here, so I can stop blabbing about it.

There are many places in the world to travel and I would definitely say that this has been the relaxation trip I needed from a work/life balance and to travel alone without the beer lawyer mate of mine is a good experience.

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Though years back in france we got lost on New Years and on my 1st night getting caught up in teh excitement I too spent another 3 hours finding my way back to my hood which was due to being warned about the dodgy taxi drivers here. So alas you walk and you make it home sober.

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