Bierfesten – Euro Beer Tour – The Spa Baths of Budapest

Posted on October 18, 2012


previous post So the beer tour of Hungary was definitely not too intensive, though found some fun and interesting beer spots, but its definitely not on the map for world beer cities. The reason to come here is to have a few days going to the spa baths that are all over the city. If you missed my previous post  of when I got lost in a beer haze.

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The thermal pools are made up of natural salts and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and others. I am not giving the chemical structure but I can definitely say it is the best $10 entry to any pool in the world. There are 2 large outdoor paddling pools with a lap pool for those who want to swim laps. The water is heavier than water we’re used to as you almost float due to being so rich in minerals.

The major area that I can definitely say is you feel absolutely relaxed when you lay in this water, and I will definitely come back to Hungary in years to come to retry these waters. I noticed all the old Hungarians in their 70’s 80’s that looked like daily users, and it was cute watching them all meet at the pool and talk like we would in the pub. There was no body image issues, it was just relaxed with everyone being fat, skinny or anything in between. It was the Russian and French tourists that had the amazing bodies. I think the G-string is probably one of the best inventions since well yeah.

So here some photos of the trip thus far..

If you want to check it out for yourself, this is the one I went to in Budapest, as it was outdoors and its winter.  I can definitely say that its a cool city, but I definitely think Prague is a prettier city in terms of city, architecture and the like. I was going to Praha but decided on Budapest as my new experience and escaping from anything too touristy.

I stayed in a great apartment for 70Euro a night that is run by a couple of Germans that is listed quite highly on Trip Advisor. I would definitely stay in the Jewish Quarter of the city as its less touristy and lots of little bars and pubs to drink in. They had Staropramen, Leffe and Bellevue Kriek in nearly every bar nearby.