Bierfesten Euro Beer Trip – Day 5

Posted on October 18, 2012


When you dont sleep well the first few nights its hard to get a handle on major cities. The trip to Hungary was definitely about the thermal SPA baths and getting as many massages as possible. Thankfully there was a great Thai massage place near the hotel I stayed in, and the spa baths were a 5 minute metro ride away.

Seeing as this was going to be my last day in Budapest I had better get to the Buda side of the city and explore while its a sunny day. After you get out of the main daggy touristique strip that is like any major city, laborious souvenir shops with I LOVE BUDAPEST on tshirts, cups or ice cream. Though I said was going to write postcards back home to mom, I guess I wont be now. Even though years later she still has my old postcards on the fridge.

The bar I’m in right now is called ‘Night Owl’ they have 2 taps, a Brewdog IPA and a Czech pilsner which makes sense as most people in this town drink Pils, not the big thumping IPA’s that I enjoy. The brewdog on tap was delicious and the ‘Flying Dog’ in the bottle is a nice IPA, and something I dont normally get to drink for $5/bottle.

One bar that I am buggered how I found it or whe

re it is in Budapest had Delirium on tap, the regular, the Red, and Dark. I didn’t even know there was a red Delirium beer. Though with the excitement of wanting to try the other great belgo bottles in the fridge I missed on the red, but figured I would be back. Not knowing I have no idea where the place is, other than not far from my hotel. Think that is always the case with drunken traveling adventures, its that one bar that you were in when you were drunk and have no idea how or where it is, or what the hell happened to that wad of cash in your wallet.

One of the overwhelming feelings of budapest is the stench of Urine and Car Exhaust Fumes that exudes from the streets, due to lack of public toilets and I guess the widely available choice of alcohol and strong alcohol. You know when you go to certain cities and you can smell the city, well especially first thing in the morning you are glad they invented those Toilet Smelly things we piss into. Mine at work smell like Deep Heat. As this town sure could use some to neutralise the street smells.

One of the things that is missing in the North American food market is good Kebab/Yeros foods the Greeks/Turks eat, as here in Hungary and in Germany they are abundant. I think I had one of the great ones on the planet last night, and I decided to go back for lunch too. It cost me $2 and they added in Feta Cheese and that special yoghurt sauce with mint or something. Anyway that was by far my favorite meal even though I have been eating in the top rated restaurant here that served roasted Duck Breast on some mushy stuff for around $10/dish.  Yeah food is cheap here.

The overwhelming opinion is that I will be back in the next year or 2 most likely for the spa baths, and probably do some actual wine touring. The wine here is pretty good, including those other than the famous ‘Tokay’ that we all know and love. I remember on my 1st night stopping myself buying an expensive bottle of top Tokay for $45euro. The dry whites in Hungary are definitely something I have tried and enjoyed.

Tomorrow I will be arriving in some dodgy seedy hotel in Brussels. All the reviews of it said do not stay there if you have families, or a romantic trip away. Since I want neither I will be staying there and hitting up one of my favorite bars in the world Delirium Brussels.