Bierfesten Euro Beer Trip – Lost Night Out- Budapest

Posted on October 18, 2012


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This is the night I had where I couldnt remember where I was, and I found this bar by accident based on the elephants on the window. Pink Elephants to me mean only 1 thing ‘DELIRIUM’. So I walked in and was taken to how low key the bar was. I went straight to the bar and interrupted the owner watching an NFL game on TV. Though put out he poured me a beer, and it was Nocturnal Delirium, yes the Dark one that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else outside of Europe. It was when I was looking at the great beer fridge I saw someone ordered Red Delirium. Who knew?

So it appears my SD card in my camera is dodgy so I will heading for a new one today prior to heading to the airport.

So on this trip I am going to be comparing 2 similar beers, and this was the battle between Trappist Rochefort 6 and St Bernardus 6. Being the analyst that I am, I had to do some comparative analysis.

Based on having come from the FranzanClub prior to this bar I was well on my way to being ‘cutoff’. But being my 1st night out, and still jetlagged I was kind of up for anything, and after this bar I dont really know what happened after that, other than meeting 2 Hungarian guys and a loudmouthed Hundarian chick who seemed pretty funny. They ran into me outside a Kebab shop. At this point I was trying to get into what I thought was my apartment, but the key wouldn’t work at the massive gates they have. Anyway someone opened the gate for me, for me to realise I had the wrong building and I had no real idea where the hell I was.

The 3 Loud Obnoxious Hungarians took me under their wings and told me to follow them, and it was going to be rude not to. So of course I did! We ended up in some bar where they told me take a shot of this drink. I think it was the national Patanke drink that is a herb or fruit liqueur. It surprisingly nice. I remember them saying you have to look them in the eyes when taking the shot. I tried explaining I dont do shots, I drink beer and wine. They called me a girly aussie boy, so I had no choice but to defend my girly boy honor.

I remember one part in the night we were walking to another bar and I was accosted by a Gypsy girl trying to get in my pockets. Her only words were SEXO, for which one of my bigger loud mouthed Hungarian friends kept pushing her away. We landed in some other bar, in a part of Budapest that I had no idea where we were, until I had to up and leave. I assumed I would follow how we got there, but it was only an hour after walking through some park that I  realised, I had no fucking idea where I was. So after I found apartments I stopped a woman who laughed at me and pointed in some direction so I then jumped on a tram, not knowing where the hell it was going?  was I going to get done by a ticket inspector? After half an hour on the tram I realised I was going into eastern Europe somewhere that was not Budapest. It was 3-4 or 5am  I am not sure?  After a bit of Tram Hopping on and off I thought I recognised where I was. Though I really didn’t have a clue, but I found a McDonalds that served Fries for breakfast. YUP Fries..

Somehow I managed to get back to my hotel at about 6am, and it reminded me of a prior time being lost in Paris on New Years Eve years back with my drunk lawyer mate. Though its scary at the time, it does turn into a fucked up travel story others find funny.