Bierfesten Euro Beer Trip – Rodenbach Cans – Brussels

Posted on October 19, 2012


So are Cans going to be catching on to the Belgiums as well ?  there are many benefits to it that brewers are now using when developing new packaging lines, but I had no idea that the Belgium brewers were also in on the act, and these were beers I saw in the supermarket and just had to buy. I knew my man @freewhelan who is back in Australia would have loaded up the shopping trolley and it wasn’t even one of the main beer stores. Seeing as I’m on a beer holiday I picked up one each to try and see if its any different out of the can. If they do them in Cans how come we dont see these in bigger volumes shipped to Australia?

Rodenbach in Can Please

Supermarket beer

One of the key transport issues we have with beer is that its not fresh by the time it gets to destinations. Even here in Brussels the great Julie at Moeder Lambic last night explained that they give away some of the American beers they get after 6 months as they turn into barley wines, and they are not fresh. Moeder is going to be my next post. That is truly one of the top beer bars in the world, and it is only 3 years old with 46 Lambic taps.

Last night one of the barmen at Delirium bar mentioned that drinking from the bottle is for homeless people, well I can only imagine what he thinks of Bierfesten sitting in his hotel room drinking Rodenbach from a can, and watching two spanish football teams play a game I only watch when its the world cup and Australia play Italy or Germany.

One guy in one of the main Beer Planet or Beer Temple stores explained something interesting to me about Belgium, is they have all tastes and flavors that no other country has. This I have to agree with, even though I’m a huge proponent of US/Canada beer, the flavour profiles in Belgium far exceed anything we have in developing western beer economies. From Sour to Sweet, from blonde to dark, the Belgium brewers are still the champions at making beer and its a destination that any beer loving nerd should do.

Now that the true beer trip has begun I am not going to be posting by day as much as topic as I find appropriate. So much beer euphoria at the moment I’m trying hard to contain my excitement, but I’m definitely enjoying it thus far.