Bierfesten Euro Beer Trip – Utter Delirium – Brussels

Posted on October 20, 2012


I am not the most organised traveler as I pretty much land in a foreign city and have no idea where I’m going until I see a metro map. Alas last night when I got the Metro, found the map and got off at the station near my hotel and chose 1 of 4 exits. I chose wrong and i knew my 1st Belgium beer was not happening anytime soon. It was the decision to walk back to the station that was the best one I had made as I found a hotel that explained I was lost. That hotel probably cost 400euro a night, I was staying in a 70Euro dive.  But I didn’t want to say that I’m a cheap beer drinker, not overpaid UN Ambassador. I figured she probably saw my attire and guessed it anyway. Definitely reminded me of my Lost Night out in Budapest.

Arriving at my hotel area I was taken in by the bright lights

s and the amount of girls standing on the street. What I had assumed was a cool nightclub they were waiting for it then turned into me being the star attraction until a car honked a group of boys started yelling in French. Yeah it was very GangNam Style. I found my hotel and realised its smack bang in the middle of the Red Light district. The best part of the hotel is the location to Delirium Cafe that was my favorite bar on the previous trip and it was my first bar that I was going to hit. So showered and changed and took off.

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One of the great parts about the bar is the atmosphere its always packed with people choosing beer, and when they are not sure what to choose they get assistance from the staff who know their beer. I feel like an amateur when i’m in this bar, and that is a great change from me having to tell bar tenders that certain beers are ‘vin ordinaire’. Its one of the few bars where I like being taken through a menu of beers, and take advice on people that know and care for their beer.

This being the first hit on the bar run, I had a few beers and then went to find Moeder Lambic that I had visited on my previous Belgium trip but I dont think I understood Lambics then, or maybe not the appreciation as I have now for naturally fermenting beers. The bar  has 46 taps and  a bottle list, but its got the most amount of taps of any bar in the world with Belgium lambic beer. There were 5 Cask Conditioned Cantillons that is quite rightly one of the top producers of lambics in the world.

Sitting in Moeder felt like an education session as so many of these beers were very new to me, and I know we dont get many Belgiums in Australia and having this experience is ultimately special, so I stayed till closing when they finally kicked me out at 130am. But leaving wasn’t tough after I saw the final bill that I consumed in the hour or so I was there. There certainly was no bill shock that can occur in some bars on nights out drinking.

Tonight I am heading back to these two bars again and I’m going to spend some quality time at Moeder to learn about more beers, but as a local explained to me you can’t drink 4000-6000 beers all the time, as they will change and you will have to drink them again. But the key is beer is the changing beast, its a living product that does change with time and its the best experience when your learning.