Bierfesten Euro Beer Trip – Back in Black Brux

Posted on October 25, 2012


It has been a few days since the previous posts on the blog and it has solely been to me being too travel weary, hungover and ultimately exploring the cities in those few hours of sunshine here. I have been staying in my typical Divey hotels that are not so bad when your on a beer trip.

I’m back in Brussels for the last 2 days of my Belgique experience that has been outstanding. The biggest surprise for me was Antwerp as a beer city, where as Brugge was again disappointing. I am not a fan of too much in the way of Touristique experiences even though I am one myself. I found Antwerp having several world class bars in their own right aside from the renowned Kulminator. I went back into Antwerpe with some reservations due to thinking it only had 1 bar, but I had my inhibitions slammed again.

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I do not like Brugge, and I’m sure some will read this and say, your blind if you dont like beauty. You would be right, I can see a few churches and statues and go, thats cool, but I”m looking for the next beer bar.

My aim tonight is to head back to the hotel to officially checkin, and then shower, change and come back to visit Delirium again, Black Noir, and of course my favorite bar in the world right now Moeder Lambic.