Bierfestens – Craft Beer Website Results – October 2012

Posted on November 6, 2012


In going through my data this week I was able to pull up some greater variance measures that are quite interesting. The previous post on Analytics was about a month ago prior to my trip over to Belgium to drink beer and explore the “culture” of each country. I came back with Get Ready for Big Ride Guys of beer in my suitcase and a great leather satchel bag from Antwerp and 2 weeks of memories of Kulminator and Diest Beer Festival.

So it has been some of the posts on the analytics that I have had most feedback on personally and via blog hits, or searches. I get the data from freely available data metrics sites and I perform my only variations and calculations on it. Obviously the longer you attain data in your own sets the greater your variance measures will be. I love this kind of data as it shows trends as to what people are clicking on not clicking on.

For a job I work with consumer and agency data sets in my company and I love the data, not so much dealing with irate Sales and Marketing colleagues who want everything yesterday when they have requests. As a service level IT guy I understand there are various levels of needs and requirements, especially at end of the month. So here is my end of month reporting for all the beer geeks out there, including in India & Pakistan who seem to enjoy clicking on my crap beer blog.

Beer Trends

Largest Gains for all beer websites October 2012

So lets have a look at the largest gains for the month of October 2012.

We can see the Big Rock an Alberta based Craft Brewer had the biggest rise in values over month, which is something I can’t explain a reasoning for, other than maybe there was a special release, or they were in the Media in the Canadian press which drove up their traffic ranking. But well done to a fellow Canadian. Oh Canada!

The next biggest riser was a British beer related Blog Boak & Bailey who rose 34% followed by Alaskan Brewery up in Alaska.

Largest Beer Losses for October 2012

So who were the largest Beer Website Decliners in the Month of October ?

It goes to our friends over at Abbey Sixtus who brew the WestVleteren beers that are so sought after. Though I have had it several times I’m still not a fan personally, but I know people who are. But I wouldn’t be driving out to the abbey to drink it. I saw Bier Circus in Brussels had aged vintages of it for about 25-30Euro.

I am still sorting through the dataset to provide some more meaningful beer stats and graphs.  I am going to release the top Beer Blogs again as I am interested in that stat myself.