Top Beer Websites & Blogs of 2012 – Results are in..

Posted on January 5, 2013


Strange how beer guys and girls are quite quirky with what information they seek out, and what information they want from people who drink and BLOG. As I’m a part time blogger now that my US drinking tours have subsided for the moment.. its strange data anomolies that I love playing with. These results are not made up by myself, but come from Alexa Rankings that are freely available online. I keep track of the rankings and data on a monthly or quarterly basis and post these kind of posts. I have no affiliation with any of these websites, though I have met the owners of some of the big name ones, I’m not a participating member.

Interesting to see the current most hit article on the site is the Q1 results for 2012 Top Beer Website results. Followed by a how to DETOX off Beer Post. Timely for the new year!

So who were the new kids on the block this month?

Some months I don’t have time to review every time of website but these were new ones that had missed the rankings in Previous months. I had never heard of Space Coast Association but appears they are associated with

new beer websites rankings 2012

Zymergy the Brewers Association. What is interesting that Brewpubs and small breweries are starting to make the list of beer websites in top rankings. Its great to see that its small independent brewers not just the largest of the large boys.

 Top Beer Information Websites 2012?

There should really be no surprises here as the first of the top 10 haven’t really changed that much in my time. Occasionally we get the Oktoberfest Munich website that comes in the rankings but that is a seasonal shift.

Beer Advocate and Rate Beer are definitely still the two websites that are more like the encyclopaedia of beer opinions and rankings. But we can see that other websites like Homebrew Forum and Beer in Evening are more for home brew fans that can speak to others like minded people. My beer mate is a big user of Home Brew Forums for refining recipes.

This month I have not only added in the top lists, but have included in the top gainers as its interesting to see which websites in the last quarter of the year of 2012 had the most traction for new visits or links.

What do I view will happen in the next year with this sort of information ? well I think that new applications online like the current ‘Untppd’ that appears on my twitter feed all the time will increase in users and I think it will endeavour to bring more people into the beer movement by checkins or groups. I know several beer colleagues that swear by the application as a way to meet other beer people. I’m sure there will be 20 more appl

top 20 beer info websites of 2012

ications this year that will be checkin type area on our smart phone.

Top 30 Website Gains of 2012

This is interesting as this compares the previous Rankings back in October from the June – Sept quarter with the now Oct-Dec Quarter. This shows that its not just the big names that increases in usage over periods. Beer Advocate increased 6% by comparison

TastyBrew pops up on a lot of my charts and its credit to its users and content that it provides, and Bartowel is a Toronto based beer community. Great to see that with NO NHL Hockey in Canada this winter they’re jumping on the beer bandwagon.

The RAM Restaurants are chain of brewing pubs where you can buy food. These have different brewers at each location and I think are a great idea for a chain restaurant. Wish they were in Australia!!

Again it appears that Home Brew websites took out the majority of increases, as its winter in North America and Europe.

top beer website gains

Top BEER BLOGS of 2012

As a fellow beer blogger I enjoy seeing where other guys and girls have succeeded in getting their beer website up into high GOOGLE rankings. Often Blogs are very particular and you either like their writing style or you don’t. But the great thing about beer blogs is you can tune them out.

top beer blogs 2012

I enjoy writing my beer blog that has been going since 2009 now, so now I’m feeling old. But I use this as purely relaxation and sometimes drunken ramblings in Hotel rooms in random beer cities. I have been offered money to help monatise my blog, but I have resisted. Though my colleague at work is pestering me to get it more professional with adverts etc. I’m a blogger that doesn’t receive free beer, and do not accept when  offered to write on ‘Paid Beertorials’.

Top Brewery Websites of 2012top 20 brewery websites of 2012

The majority of brewers on this list shouldn’t be a surprise, but interesting to see Australia’s Coopers brewery get into the top 20. The top 10 breweries haven’t really moved off the top 10 in the last year and half since I began running these kinds of analysis on results. We can assume its the geographical element of where the breweries are located, or marketing used in their online or offline campaigns.

I am quite surprised that Dogfish Head has been so high for so long, but again I’m not from that region of the US and some areas I can’t explain through logic and reason. Sam Adams, Stone, New Belgium, Sierra all have the reach of the larger beer population and large distribution so it makes sense for their breweries to be topping the charts.

There could be another way to play with this data in future to make the brewers more meaningful in terms of data on the charts.


Results for 2012

Thanks for checking these results and hopefully you have attained some meaning or enjoyment from these. If you would like to use any of the Images or data please get in touch with me, I’m more than happy to share data and information.

If you have any comments on information you would like to see please contact me via comment or email. These are obviously fun to analyze and graph and I enjoy it in my free time.