Top 5 Sources for Craft Beer News

Posted on January 5, 2013


It occurred to me this week that I use Twitter a lot, and I’ve started to use LinkedIn a lot for connecting with other professionals (no I’m not calling myself one) but they are, and I am curious where other people find news on beer to read?

TOP Sources That I Use for Craft Beer News

1. Twitter –

quite simply you follow people that enjoy #craftbeer  this is where I spent a lot of my time when traveling too or from work, or sometimes at work. I have met a range of beer loving people in the city or area that I live, and its filled with humorous individuals, and some that you wonder if they ever do leave the bar ? In all honesty there are lots of breweries and bars on twitter that you can follow and attain a good understanding of what beers are being tapped and when.

2. Reddit – Beer

This is where people will post interesting articles on beer, and there is a community Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down function that validates whether an article is interesting or not. The only problem with this is that it can be a bit cliquey and a few know it alls decide on new articles or not. Its more so a monthly check in to see what sort of articles I missed during the week.

3. Google Alerts

This is an email that gets emailed to you daily/weekly or whenever you choose that summarises website stories or blog posts based on certain search terms. I use beer trends and other terms that I enjoy reading about, including brewery results that help provide an understand of areas that interest me. This I think is the best way to find information on an area or brewery you like.

4. Shanken News

This is a daily Booze Newsletter that is free to sign up to and you can view a lot of information on wine/liquor and craft beer stories that affect the larger brewing companies. They are basically the gossip column for BOOZE.

5. Local Beer Hangouts

To be brutally honest its where all sorts of companions say things that I had no idea about, and its only a rumour or something that you can then google or search later. Brewers and Bar staff hear all sorts of things and are more than willing to share when your on their bar stool long enough. Sometimes its too long!