Big League Beer Marketing – Budweiser MLB Cans

Posted on March 10, 2013


As a craft beer drinker I don’t drink beer from clear bottles, nor macro taps where possible, and certainly don’t purchase the mainstream beers from bottle shops in Australia or overseas. I accept that we have a duty to pay more for craft beer due to the ingredients such as extra hops and cocoa nibs and any other malt stuff that brewers use. I though don’t want to pay for beers that are heavily marketed such as in mens magazines, or baseball stadiums.

Being an earlier topic I wrote on Marketing Names in beer and sport back in 2010.

Though there is an exception with

boulevard brewery @ Major League Kansas City Royals

boulevard brewery @ Major League Kansas City Royals

Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City that has a bar at the stadium.  On the whole most stadiums have major beer contracts which make sense due to the high volumetric sales that they produce during the season.

I read this week about the new Promotion by Budweisers with promoting major league teams on cans of beer. This I first thought would be a collectors item, and then realised we’re talking about a product with a small shelf light of less than 90 days after it has been canned. You are almost better off having a tub of yogurt in the fridge for 90 days that might still be edible. But then again maybe not.

Why does the idea of baseball teams on beers piss me off? as its not really marketing to adults as much as marketing to ‘Kids’ as I call it, which I term underage drinkers. Which in the US is 21, but I have no issues with adults who are 18 years and older drinking. These are the most impressional years for branding is in the teens, so we can have promotional packs in baseball markets where it could be ‘Kansas City Royals’ or it could be ‘New York Yankees’ where teens will purchase the cans as its their team.

Though I shouldn’t care about what marketing companies do with beer, I do have an opinion when you can promote major sports that have wide appeal and high proportion of the audience are under 18 years old. I know I’m a Toronto Blue Jays tragic but I was when I was 10 years old, and I had baseball pennants on my wall from all the major league teams. California Angels were my favorite.

Major League BudI think there is no rules on what can and can’t be done in beer marketing but I think you have to monitor what we promote to those in their teens that can buy beer from gas stations quite cheaply, and this I feel is a fine line that I know is not illegal, but you dont see pictures of mickey mouse on beer cans but you can see major league baseball teams.