Top Craft Beer Trends 2013 – E-Book Coming Soon

Posted on May 25, 2013


Bierfesten Enterprises, AKA Sol is finally going to be releasing a book on Craft Beer Trends that has been several years in the making. A few colleagues of mine have been pushing me to put my often direct views on the Craft Beer Market into documents that others can read, and though the blog has been a lot of fun, and I have learned a lot from the writing process, its now time to take up my passion and love of beer to the next level. So new beer lovers can read and understand part of my version of Trends and Craft Beer stories.

I have been writing on Craft Beer Trends and articles for many years, and since the early days in discussing my first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and being blown away to now where I only drink Craft Beer from Cans, Bottles, Glass Bottles or even Plastic Cups at my favorite bar. I love sharing my stories with new beer lovers and love sharing the passion for Craft Beer with people who think American beer is ‘Budweiser’. It is now time to put my words out there and share with the world what I like talking about.

The book is going to be break down some of the major trend areas that we see, or don’t see and discuss where these trends will be in the future. The topic of how big Craft Beer is or Can be is a huge one that has varied opinions. I take the view that the changes will definitely even out the industry and yes while the Big Boys are watching carefully, there hasn’t been the buyouts like I had suggested several years ago when I wrote on the topic of trends. I have written on trends in what people search for in Beer, and on what Websites are most popular on the Global Scale.

Some of the most popular articles in my time blogging have come from one of the trends that we are going to see more of, LITIGATION. My article on the Bear Republic and Central City dispute has been one of the highest hit articles due to the constant issue arising regularly. In speaking with several brewers it is going to be a topic that will arise more as we have more breweries and countries joining the big Craft Beer Race. In running any company, the owners and managers have to use not only judgement but legal advice on names and markets for which they choose to sell their beers. This is one of the new trends we are going to see more of in the coming years.

Shelf Space is one trend that is going to grow in terms of this being ‘limited’ due to agreements already made with suppliers, breweries and owners. This topic is broken down into several areas, and one that is definitely one of the key problems faced by small craft in their expansion and growth plans.

Over the coming weeks I will outline more of the ideas that will be discussed in the book and the new website launch for the book.