Craft Beer – Google Searches – 6 Years of Analytics

Posted on June 15, 2013


In running through some analytics the other day I came across a great chart of the interest in Craft Beer through searches on Google. Several years ago I remember calling craft beer ‘Microbrewery’ beer, then it came to be ‘CraftBeer’ and whether its from a larger brewer or smaller I still consider craft beer interesting.

This chart below shows how the interest in Beer has grown exponentially. We can see back in 2006-2007 it was less than 10% of Peak Interest in searches. Now we have May 2012 as the peak interest in Craft Beer searches into Google.

CraftBeer SearchingThe other Amazing chart showed the top country with whom are searching for craft beer in this time and without question the Americans came in 1st, and yes those Canadians came in 2nd. But it was more who came in just after the favorite North Americans.

New Zealand then Ireland were definite surprises, but then not really unexpected as NZ have had amazing success with the brewery Epic Brewing a fan favorite in the US for the last several years, and still an extremely hard to find beer on Aussie shelves as they have done so well on the US export market. But this has helped them lead the way for other brewers such as 8 Wired getting on store shelves.

Australia beating the US in searching for Craft Beer is what I had a chuckle about, and I think this is down the fact that in the UK they call it ‘Real Ale’ or ‘Cask Ale’. Having been the traditional region where Craft Beer or Real Ale started in 1971, I take this result with a grain of salt due to regional differences, but still interesting none the less.

Regional InterestDon’t forget if your in Sydney end of June there is a Sydney Beer Tweetup that involves 6 great Craft Beer bars in 1 afternoon of walking around Sydney.
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