The Meeting – The Agreement – The New Life

Posted on September 21, 2015


Several weeks ago I was called into an important meeting at work. The meeting lasted for about 30 minutes. There were discussions that are confidential, and then the agreement was reach by both parties. This was an unusual meeting, but not unexpected and the agreement was reached in a very amicable way. This was my first ever ‘Retrenchment’ and thus now provides a new period in my life whereby I can look into the future for new activities and ventures.

This post is about beer, of sorts, but more about an honest but helpful appraisal of my life as it stands in the beginning of Week 3 of my new life! I have broken some parts down in short sweet pieces, and even included pictures.

The Meeting


Can you please come into the Boardroom?

I was called into a meeting with management in the boardroom. Was told about certain “organisational changes”. Knowing that this meant “ME” I took it in my stride, listened and had that semi-arrogant smirk I sometimes use. HR’s role is to elicit responses of shock, trepidation, and ultimately anything you say can be used against you. I said nothing. Global management had implemented changes to “roles” for which mine was one.

The Agreement

The Retrenchment

The “organisation” is making changes.

Like all companies there are certain actions, responses, and information that must maintain true confidentiality. I agreed to leave the office, discretely, promptly and without telling anyone what had occurred. “Working from home” was the line I had to use as I left with my satchel, and sports bag with shoes, and crap. Tossing out anything confidential, personal or project related so as anyone sitting at my desk the following Monday has a clean desk was my purpose.

The New Start

Photo on 21-09-2015 at 11.17 am

Life in ‘Retrenchment’ is quite a strange feeling. It was a relationship of 4 years which lasted twice as long as my marriage. There wasn’t any anger, or retribution, or ‘Why Me’, it was ultimately a decision that i think worked for both parties. Thankfully for me this arrangement is at a time when I’m working out life between corporate again or working and running my own business idea. Like bad relationships we have all had, we look at positives, but we also review the negatives and ensure we don’t make the same mistakes again. I for one plan to achieve this.

The What Now ?

The topics are what I plan to follow through with, and how to keep positive aspects of my life in check. Like anything to explore multiple ideas at any one time, and this is in no particular order.


I recently had a health crisis that I sought medical treatment for, and this I feel would affect many people in the ‘Beer’ and non-beer community and that is ‘Snoring’. It’s quite funny in my hiatus from blogging my biggest posts relate to my ‘Detox‘ posts from years past. Snoring for me was affecting my new relationships, and even beer mates who slept in the same hotel or house as me. When you snore, you begin to get self-conscious and without doubt affects relationships with partners. This will be a future post on snoring/health treatments.

Work Prospects

Currently I’m looking to get back into the world of corporatopia again. Thankfully I have had interviews recently that provide a good prospect of potential employment in the area I’m skilled in, and enjoy. Thankfully there is no rush to accept a role that I don’t feel is suitable or location is not convenient. Ultimately I think after time off with ‘retrenchment’ you can then align yourself to a happier job, and work/life situation.

The Liquor Store

Without doubt I still have the dream of owning a liquor store in Sydney focusing on growlers and specialized beer. This ultimately is a ‘business’ decision that needs the due diligence in analysis, and finding the right situation for this to occur. When I started this research a year ago, I was looking for a way out of my corporate life, and into the area of promoting good beer. Thankfully one arrangement/negotiation last year fell through, and now I have more time to investigate the right situation. This is definitely a strategic decision on when/where and how this will work as the model will not follow traditional retailing like ‘Dan Murphys’ that is box store related.

The Brewpub Concept

This idea is an area that I recently saw has potential in the Australian market. The brewpub chain concept is not something I have experience in, but across the US there are several chains such as RAM, Rock Bottom that have been successful in creating fresh beer on-site, and each location having different types of specialty beers. The financial risks of this concept are greater than most as it would cost a lot rollout.

We can look at the Bavarian Beer Cafe example of growth here in Australia. This group has US financial backing with a very strategic growth strategy.


Though the focus would be on family style restaurant, as opposed to ‘beer centric’ brewpub. We can see the success of certain chain restaurants in Australia, where you know what you are getting whether you want a Taco or Burger.

 Beer Blogging

This area is something I have enjoyed doing since 2009, though having had several hiatus periods over the years without posts, it is likely with most blogs, hard to maintain without the appropriate motivation and creativity. I plan to get back to analysing the industry, stats and changes.. periodically.. so ultimately there will be more crap blog posts in the coming period.

**Note: no confidential information has been disclosed as to actual events, the events that occurred may vary from descriptions above**

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