Beach & Beer Getaway – Queensland

Posted on September 22, 2015


Though not entirely planned, but I usually use a website Momondo when I look for prices of trips away. Today I decided to get the flock out of dodge, but being school holidays I was concerned. But instead of being a cheapskate I just booked flights to somewhere with Beaches, and a civilised city that has electricity and FOXTEL so i can watch the World Cup.

Flight to Sunshine Coast a Week with a Rental car to drive myself around to the strange place names I have heard about in Queensland. In my previous job that I discussed, I had to know place names all around Australia, and always found Queensland having the funniest or weirdest names. I’m staying in a town called ‘Maroochydore’ but my guess is nobody can spell it so even the airport is called ‘Sunshine Coast’. I can recall on calls with my technical team in London when they were trying to spell names like Toowoomba, Woolloomooloo, Tumbarumba it was quite confusing.

To those foreign readers, this is a town that has a Cricket Ground called the (GABBA), though the West Aussie stadium is called the (WACA).

The goal is not just to drink beer, but sit on the beach and reflect on my life, take pictures of historic 300 year old buildings, drink, and ultimately relax. Though I haven’t been to Queensland since I was a kid, I’m honestly not expecting much in the way of activities.

Beer Bars

These are the following beer bars that have been recommended to visit while I’m up north. Thanks @GoodBeerMatt & @Allforbeer for pointing out some names to visit.

Through this week I will likely blog from different bars in this list, as its a bit easier than my 60 bars/breweries in California trip that I did back in 2011. Though due to driving and unsure where I’ll be sleeping one night to the next the only thing I will promise is I won’t be drinking NSW beers while in QLD. I’ll also promise that I will explain to any QLD Reds supporter what it feels like to have a good Super Rugby Team.. Though they did produce John Eales, Tim Horan, Michael Lynagh that have world cups.