Hottest 100 – 2016 – Thoughts

Posted on January 28, 2016


Firstly I would like to congratulate the guys who ran the Hottest 100 Beers just released, this year was definitely a major shift in the Australian beer drinking palette and choice selection. In the years since I have been back in Australia (4-5) now I have to now admit I can drink Aussie IPA, even DIPA’s. For a DIPA 8.8% to hit #3 was a great shift (Congrats PirateLife).

Before work this morning I read a post that discussed the desire for all beer nerds to get along and be friends with each other. We should celebrate diversity in beer, tastes, and be happy for such a survey. I agree with this in principle, but also diversity in opinion, background is what makes Beer, Food, Coffee so great, we can all grab a beer, wine or meal and have different opinion on it.

cuvee de ranke

Do we love or hate this beer? Cuvee de ranke

I support any brewer making an effort to brew interesting beers. As pointed out in my previous post a lot of brewers are creating interesting recipes, and GABS is having a lot to do with the diverse nature in AUS beer. I think brewers such as Modus, Two Birds, Brewcult, Batch, and Big Shed have all had great years with their beers on the Sydney market.

Beer ratings surveys are not new, one site who’s got some experience is Ratebeer. The Top 50 Top Beers is Ratebeer.  I can recall back in 2010 or so I did a post bagging out their top bars post, I got bagged out by the owner of the site. As he stated, it was my opinion. How has this ratings site evolved? listened to what would make the survey better. Even Beer Advocate ratings are based on ratings in (That Year).

Constructive Criticism

One of the first things at Uni they teach you to take criticism, form an opinion but be willing to change when better ideas are presented. There are two thoughts to this argument those that Lead and those that Follow. I am a very direct personality and I say what I think, but I love to be proven wrong, and in my work that happens constantly but I learn and grow. Think any criticism that is constructive with the beer scene in Australia is helpful, as we don’t want a country full of arse-kissers to brewers/publicans.

Data Analytics

The biggest issue in company data is ‘quality’ of data. My job in my corporate life is ensuring data quality for reports, marketing initiatives, and end-user data is (GOOD). Data can be quantitative (numerical), or it can be qualitative (Good/average/bad). The use of the APP is both, but its the Quantitative that people enjoy (Beer – X = 3.5) + (Comment: blah blah..) then fuckers post to Twitter to show how much they drink.

I have shown in previous analytical posts I love analysing data trends, and I make no bones about that. Would I be proud of findings in posts in years gone by? NO as its like saying we’d love to be in Grade 11 again now, with the knowledge we have. Would we have done things differently ‘FUCK YEAH’.

Hottest 100 – My Thoughts

  • Very Pale Ale / IPA driven due to the fact of majority of beers in the hot climate we live in are the most sellable and widespread beers.
  • Boatrocker Ramjet was the only Imperial Stout on the list, but had 2 entries which was confusing, thought beers couldn’t be input twice
  • No Metric to Judge difference between 75th beer & 73rd beer (Was it 200 votes or 3)

Drawing back to the RateBeer example of evolution, how do we improve our survey/results? or even restaurant we go to? I follow a blogger called City Lane who reviews cafes/restaurants in Melbourne and overseas, but he has an opinion and though not everyone agrees, it’s not meant to please everyone.

Ideas for Data Improvement


This year was Dominated by Pale style beers with Dark/Browns/Sours under represented in the survey, so development of a few distinct categories. (Sour/Alt Beers) (Pale/IPA’s) (DIPA/RIPA), (Big/Barley) etc.. thus provide distinct styles for which people can vote with their 5 votes. We could even have a whole section devoted to ‘Session Ales’..

UnTapped Data

Nearly every beer nerd I know uses this data to Rank/Rate and verbalise their results of a beer. This data could used as a base metric, and I’m sure data is available for a fee from the guys from the APP. Though not all Beer Drinkers use the APP, this could provide a base foundation for the top 100 beers.

New Beers

This year that was a great function of distinction the NEW vs Existing beers. Should a survey constitute the new beers as like the Hottest 100 Survey? this is an idea that could work, but thus eliminates beers that have had new recipes and brewers make the beers.

Beers by State

This year in Sydney I found the brewers from QLD & SA having stepped up their game and to be honest some great beers hit NSW from new brewers never heard of before.

GABS Distinction

Beers released at GABS but then never heard from again. I think it’s a great tourny this event, but some beers reach the event but are never heard off again. Some become the brewery benchmark beer due to popularity.


Are my views right or wrong? Neither!! but an informed opinion and I’m biased in my taste in beer, but always going to give an opinion on the improvement of beer. I live in Sydney and love brewers who are trying to improve the beer scene, bars and restaurants. I will always give my opinion as I’m a consumer who loves beers, data and surveys!!