This blog started back in 2009 while I was living in Vancouver Canada. It was in Canada that I truly became passionate about Craft Beer and Beer Festivals around the world. Spending time in random beer bars in cities from Montreal to Vancouver Island in Canada, I then spent a lot of time in cities like Seattle, Portland and anything inbetween. The IPA style made on the West Coast was definitely the beer that got me hooked. 

Now I live in Sydney Australia and travel annually for beer based trips. If it’s not Europe based, its US based for events or get aways. Living in Australia makes it hard to get a lot of beer too fresh, as we are an Island/Continent located in the middle of nowhere. Living in Australia allows for great wine, cheese and produce, also the weather. 

If you are easily offended or can’t handle oppinated points of view, it’s best not to read. I swear and I’m grammatically incorrect most of the time, but I don’t care..