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Craft Beer – Google Searches – 6 Years of Analytics

June 15, 2013


In running through some analytics the other day I came across a great chart of the interest in Craft Beer through searches on Google. Several years ago I remember calling craft beer ‘Microbrewery’ beer, then it came to be ‘CraftBeer’ and whether its from a larger brewer or smaller I still consider craft beer interesting. […]

Top Beer Websites & Blogs of 2012 – Results are in..

January 5, 2013


Strange how beer guys and girls are quite quirky with what information they seek out, and what information they want from people who drink and BLOG. As I’m a part time blogger now that my US drinking tours have subsided for the moment.. its strange data anomolies that I love playing with. These results are […]

Bierfestens – Craft Beer Website Results – October 2012

November 6, 2012


In going through my data this week I was able to pull up some greater variance measures that are quite interesting. The previous post on Analytics was about a month ago prior to my trip over to Belgium to drink beer and explore the “culture” of each country. I came back with  of beer in […]

Top 18 Craft Brewery Websites Online 2012

October 9, 2012


In keeping up to date with some blog content, I released the top beer blogs the other day, and now this is analyzing the top breweries online. I excluded the larger production Macro Breweries from these rankings, so there is subjectivity in what you or I consider large. There are not really many surprises here […]

Top 10 Beer Blogs 2012

October 8, 2012


So its been awhile since i ran some random analysis. Yeah some of my stuff has been total crap, but others i have had some good feedback on and questions. Seeing as my blog is not making me a cent, I figure its worth looking at some of the beer blogs that rate highly on […]

TOP 30 Beer Websites – Year-To-Date 2012

April 5, 2012


SO for work I manage a large database for a massive Global Travel Company and I’m the guy that loves and cares about Data, even though the sales teams have no clue of what Data means, only when there is something wrong with their records. So this week I re-instigated my BEER WEB analysis of […]

Rate Beer Top 50 – Analysis of 2009-2011 Ratings

January 28, 2012


  Each January the top 50 or what used to be 100 beer lists are released on RateBeer and though its classified as 2012 its actually the year before for which the ratings are transcribed. So 2012 Top Beers is actually from the data collected in 2011. So I decided to do some digging and […]